Spaghetti Western, The Vegas Valentinos
One Big Tomata Records OBT072105

Release info:
The Vegas Valentinos are back. Back from another Summer Tour of the Mid West and new Studio release. Here's the long awaited "Spaghetti Western" release. Although not strongly Western, the theme to create such a disk was there. A trip to the countryside to ride horses for the artwork was even incorporated. It was on this sabbatical that the boys have penned most of the songs. Caught up by the surroundings of a beautiful lake and the rolling landscape the boys written some of their best efforts yet.

Free as the open air they enjoyed, the music too was not in a specific genre, which is still the toughest part on how to categorize these Italian brothers. On this release the music shifts from Rockabilly, Doo-Wop, R&B, Rock, Folk and Heavy Rock... and of course a traditional remake of a popular Italian melody. So, sit back and enjoy, if one song doesn't appeal to your senses just wait til the next cut. As always there's something here for everyone.

Well, what can I say about this CD? The press release pretty much covers it, that is, if you like this kind of modern popmusic. In my opinion it has nothing to do with old school rock and roll and certainly not rockabilly. The title "Spaghetti Western" and the authenticly styled cover design raised high expectations in my mind and I was looking forward to hear some great western tunes with twangy guitars, drawning in tape echoes and delays, or at least some great fingerpickin stuf or other fifties related goodies.

The enclosed press release claims also "R&B, Rock, Folk and Heavy Rock" and that specific part of the description fits really perfect, and it covers very adequate what you can expect. So if you are into "The Offspring" or "Spin Doctors", this is definitly a CD for you. For me personally, I'll pass this one because it's definitly not my can of beans. The Vegas Valentinos are without a doubt very fine and highly skilled musicians and entertainers, and I respect them for that, but this album is way too modern and poppy for me as a rockabilly and roots-music lover.

Don't get me wrong, there's great music on this cd, and it really shifts from one genre to another, and there is really something there for everybody, but that's not enough. Trying to please, or satisfy everybody's taste with one cd is simply an impossible task.

Son of a Gun / Love is on the Way / 2 To The Hat / Long Tall Sally / Showgirls / There'll Be No Next Time / Dat Boy / Pot Luck / If This is Wrong / She Knew / Oh Marie / Coffee Bean / So Many Holes / Lotta Caboose / Fishin With Rocko

The Vegas Valentinos are:
Scotty "Two Times" Casino - Vocals
Johnny "The Inferno" Tropicana - Lead Guitar
Bobby "The Blind" Venetian - Bass
Joey "Da Wrench" Bellagio - Drums, Percussion

Contact information: 
phone ++1 781-447-4537

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Reviewed by Uncle_B, 2005