Sonny Rogers and the Kingpins, self-titled
(Enviken Records, EnRec CD105)

Put out more flags and jump on the bandwagon, Sonny Rogers is back in town. Y'all know him, since he was the frontman of the Tupelo Wildcats. He also had an EP out on Tail Records a while ago. Well, here he is now, with his first longplayer. Let it spin on your turntable and you'll spin with it. What you got in your hand is a blend of rockabilly bop and some country rocking. It's just what happens when Sonny picks up his guitar and hit the chord - you can't resist it. You'll be tappin' your feet and diggin' the beat, 'cause Sonny Rogers is back in town!

That's what it says on the linernotes of this brand new classic. Yes, I said "classic", 'cause I'm sure it's soon gonna be just that. Of course you can't let it spin on your turntable, it's a shiny compact disc, but one that brings back that beautiful rockabilly sound from the fifties. A total of 14 great tracks, many of which are original self-penned songs. An occasional Johnny Burnette and Johnny Horton cover sets the right atmosphere. As does "Get Out Of My Car", an original in the classic Carl Perkins style and one of my favs on this CD. Heck, they're all my favs.

Here's a line I picked up in the Rockin' Records mailinglist (thanx Kim Nřrskov) that says it all: "First longplayer from Sonny Rogers - and what a debut! 14 great rockin' tracks - covers and originals alike. One steamin' hot CD from start to finish. A little along the lines of Jack Baymoore but with more of a country edge. Authenticity level is 100%."

The Kingpins are:
Roger Ström, Vocals
Frederik Rosén, Lead Guitar
Ulf Torstensson, Bass
Mattias Erikson, Drums

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The BlackCat, 1999