So Charmin', Trailer Park Casanovas
El Toro Records ETCD-3010

The El Toro Records' slogan "The Sound Will Charge You" already indicates that they don't issue just plain rockabilly, country or rock 'n' roll music, but a mix of musical sounds and styles that are, to say the least, different from what you would expect. This certainly goes for the Trailer Park Casanovas, who's sound can not be categorized into rockabilly, country, rock or pop. It's a little of everything, melted together to what they like to call "White Trash". Actually, country-rock, or southern rock come to mind. Sometimes I think I hear influences of The Eagles (I'm So Charmin', Michele) and maybe even some Lynyrd Skynyrd (How Come). But the band can sure do fast paced rock 'n' roll too (Run It In The Ground) as well as 50s style rockabilly (I Still Got It, Pain Pills). Don't be surprised to even find some California Surf sound (Santa Ana), or a bit of rhythm & blues (Drunk). Mix surf with hillbilly and you will probably end up with "A Rounder". Did I mention Classic Rock? Bad Company's "Feel Like Makin' Love" would sure fall into that category I guess. And like on their first CD "End Of An Era", there's a 10 minute hidden bonus track at the end, studio talk and some jamming.

After listening to this CD a couple of times, I must conclude that it's pretty good music, and the Trailer Park Casanovas are pretty good musicians too, but apart from a few tracks, it can not be labeled "rockabilly". I guess you'll have to decide for yourself whether or not you like it...

CD Liner Notes:
Lately it seems as though everyone is jumping on the white trash bandwagon. Although folks can't quite agree just what "white trash" means, most agree that it has something to do with Wal-Mart, Jerry Springer, trailer parks and monster trucks. White Trash champions the overworked, underpaid, and unemployed. People are proud to be White Trash, they celebrate what they think is "White Trash Chic" with fake 50's style diners, Elvis paraphernalia, baby-doll T-shirts and cheap plastic culture. They think that if they can buy into the White flash phenomenon, they can somehow claim to be more real, more genuine, more American. I disagree.

White Trash eludes definition, goes beyond meaning, easy description, explanation, or classification. White Trash is a place of mind, a place where everyone is invited to express their stifled longing for authentic music, true stories and an America that seems long gone. The Trailer Park Casanovas provide the soundtrack for this journey through the mind. Whether they are singing about cars, pills, booze, or tattoos, the Trailer Park Casanovas epitomize American ideals, lost love, cheap sex, and beer. Their lyrics are a train wreck of tastelessness, honesty and irony, the ability to take a long hard lookin the mirror and know that what you've got is pretty bad, but it's all you've got, and that's not bad.

Maybe you picked up this CD thinking you were into the White Trash sound. Maybe you thought that this was another joke "country meets rockabilly" band. You were wrong. This is not Lolita at the Dairy Queen, this is not Hee Haw for the Silverlake set. This is Nashville by way of Santa Ana, this is Graceland meets Pico Rivera, this is Los Angeles punk rock married to Elvis Presley and jacked up on more crystal meth and Crow than anyone can imagine. This is the Trailer Park Casanovas. And it's So Charmin'.

The Trailer Park Casanovas are:
Robert Lopez - Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Paul Morris - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Tony Red Horse - Bass
Byron Reynolds - Drums

Contact information:
Trailer Park Casanovas
P.O. Box 3807
Hollywood, Ca. 90078

El Toro Records
P.O. Box 220
Pineda 08397
Tel & Fax +34 937 660 117

Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2002