Full Throttle, Snakebite 
Rebel Music RM 5006 AH

Let me start with explaining why this review needed to be written... first I got a package from Rolf with this new CD, with a Snakebite T-shirt included (I believe this is called a bribe LOL ... this is also a hint for other bands). Then the next day another package arrived from the record company Rebel Music, including... you guessed it, the new Snakebite CD. Today my friend Wild Bob Burgos came over from England, and while we sat on our porch enjoying a beer and a bottle of Brandy, he asked if I would please review the new Snakebite review.

So, being bribed by the band, encouraged by the record company and pleaded upon by a mutual friend... how can I say no?? Well, I would have reviewed it anyway (and no, I won't return the T-shirt HA) because it's a really great CD and a work of Teddy Boy art!

Well here it is, "Full Throttle", the latest album from this fabulous Swedish Teddy Boy Rock 'n' Roll band. I've been a fan for years, so I knew this is a great CD even before I heard it. But when it was slowly getting dark in my backyard last night, the campfire lit and a new bottle of Brandy on the table, this CD was still wrapped in plastic when Bob was raving on about it AGAIN. Luckily, there is a CD player on the porch, so I suggested to unwrap the jewelbox play and the damn thing. Bob agreed, "let's wake up some neighbours"... and so we did.

At 2 in the morning and the bottle half empty, the CD was still playing. We love it!! Starting off with the title track "Full Throttle", we can definitly conclude that this band always plays full throttle! The second track is written by Bob, which is probably why he was gettin' on and on about this CD in the first place LOL. "Just Passin' By" was recorded by Wild Bob Burgos and The Dreadnoughts some 10 years ago, also with Sleepy Anderson on drums.

Other covers on this hot rockin' silver platter are Ray Scott's "You're The One That Done It", Dave Alvin's "So Long Baby Goodbye" (The Blasters, orginally from the 1981 LP "The Blasters"), Ray Campi's unforgettable "Caterpillar", Roy Orbison's classic "Mean Little Mama" and Chuck Berry's "Almost Grown". The rest of the tracks are originals written by Anders Emmesjö and long time friend Stefan Jägermyr (Wild Rooster, Crossfire and former member of Snakebite as well).

And now you probably want me to explain to you in full color what this CD sounds like, well... I'm not gonna! I already wrote lots of pages about this band and you constant readers already know how I feel about this band, so stop hesitating, blast off to the record store full throttle, buy the CD and wake up the neighbours!!

Full Throttle / Just Passin' By / Rockabilly Kangaroo / You're The One That Done It / Hot Stuff / So Long Baby Goodbye / You're Gone / Caterpillar / Rock The Night Away / Rockin' O.D / Short Cut Lady / Mean Little Mama / Your Face Fell Off / Almost Grown

Snakebite is:
Anders "Hilly" Emmesjö - Vocals, Lead Guitar, Harmonica
Rolf "Sleepy" Anderson - Drums, Vocals
Wilhelm "Billy" Brusell - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Jesper "Joker" Jonsson - Bass, Vocals
Henrik "Lee" Alfredson - Piano

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Phone: +46 (0) 70-3688945

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Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2010