Hot, Hard & Wild, Snakebite
Old-Rock ORR 2002-2

Don't you just love it! The European spin-off of rockabilly music is called Teddy Boy Rock 'n' Roll. Orginally hailing out of England, Teddy Boy music has spread all over Europe in the past 40 years. In fact it's just straight forward rockabilly music with a rolling electric bass. Sweden has seen a few Teddy bands too, and nowadays it's Snakebite who's invading the Scandinavian Teddy Boy scene. "Hot, Hard & Wild" is the band's second album, and although their first "Gone In A Flash" was released on the Britisch Raucous label, this production is all Swedish. Recorded February 2002 at Ingesunds Musikskola, produced by bandmembers Rolf Anderson and Anders Hilmersson, and issued on the Swedish Old-Rock Record label. As on the first album, all tracks are originals. Penned by Stefan Jägermyr, except "Jitter Bop Baby", which was written by Anders Hilmersson. The liner notes include a special thanks to Wild Bob Burgos, but I can't find what his involvement was on this album. I know he did write and sing a song on Snakebite's first album, so maybe he just supported the guys with their second release.

Tracklisting "Hot, Hard & Wild":
Crazy Little Teddy Girl / Hot Rockin' Rockabilly Star / Just Walked / Drinkin' My Pain Away / Rockabilly Rumble / 21st Century Teddy Boy / Six Foot Down / Crazy Child / Jitter Bop Baby / Teddy Rock / Sad & Blue / Devil Dance / Give Me Some Rock 'n' Roll / California Blues / Devil In Drape / Rockin' The Boogie

Tracklisting "Gone In A Flash":
Snakebite Teddys / Gone In A Flash / Cruisin' / Rockabilly Rock / Blues Moboat / Summertime / Tennessee / Ain't Gonna Take It No More / Hep Cat / Rockin' At The Barnyard / Christine / Rebel Rolf / 20 Year Boogie / Jackpot Boogie

I know you old rockers will recognise some track titles, but I can assure you they are all Snakebite originals. Both CD's are pretty good Teddy Boy rock 'n' roll albums, with hard hitting drums (I guess Rolf took some lessons from the Sledgehammer of Rock 'n' Roll, Bob Burgos), fast rolling bass lines, terrific lead licks and pumping piano boogie woogie. This is what rock 'n' roll is all about...

Snakebite is:
Anders Hilmersson - Vocals, Lead Guitar
Stefan Jägermyr - Rhythm Guitar
Rolf Anderson - Drums
Henrik Alfredson - Piano
Lars Wermlund - Bass

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Phone: +46 (0) 70-3688945

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Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2002