Dancin' With A Hurricane, The Slippers 
Blue Light Records, BLR331482

I work nights. Sometimes its cool, sometimes not. Anyhoo, I got home from work about 8 o'clock this morning and what did I find waiting for me in my mailbox but a new CD! Always a good way to start or finish the day.

OK, I'll be honest, I'm not familiar with the Finnish band The Slippers but after giving this disc a few initial spins, I can tell you, I plan to become VERY familiar with their music! DANG!!!!!! These boys know how to rock it!

Blue Light Records has a knack for releasing some great stuff! Red Hot, Hal Peters, Hayden Thompson...and The Slippers! This new disc by the aforementioned Slippers is as rockin' as anything I've ever heard on Blue Light. It appears to be a "LIVE" disc...but don't let that put you off. This is an extremely well recorded album. 14 tracks in all...they're all covers but again, don't let that put you off. These boys know how to rock, bop, shake and quake with the best of them! THIS is how rockabilly/R&R is supposed to be played live...

I'll admit that when I 1st opened the CD, I went straight for track 9, the old Peanuts Wilson classic "Cast Iron Arm". This has long been a fave of mine and I recently recorded it with AJ & The Two Timers and my old buddy Jimmy recently recorded it with his band Vegas 66. Let me tell ya, The Slippers have more than done this gem justice! You just want to MOVE when it comes on... but that seems to be the case with all 14 of these tracks!

I guess I should give you a breakdown of at least a few of the songs, eh? The disc opens with "Cat Talkin" and at least to my American ear, I picked right up on that Finnish accent. But the boys get right into the groove and if this is how they start their sets, I can bet they fill the dance floor pretty quickly and keep it filled!

From this right into a high steppin' version of "Blue Days, Black Nights" and you KNOW you're set for a killer collection of songs. Their version of "Mess Around" is superb! I've always wanted to cover this song, and this version might be the one I cover! Next up is "Lights Out"... and the boys just grrrrrrrowl on this! I love it! Link woulda dug it!

OK, I'm not going to sit here and tell you how good each and every song is on here. They're all killer! This is how it's done! This is R&R in the 21st century, and from the sounds of things, its alive and well! The Slippers' choice of songs is excellent... and from the sound of the live audience, well appreciated by their fans. You really should pick up this disc, and if you get the chance, go see these cats! They're tippin' petrol on the proverbial fire!!!!!

What are you waiting for? Go get it!!!!!

Cat Talkin' / Blue Days Black Nights / Mess Around / Lights Out / You've Got Me / Shakin' The Blues / Lonesome Train / Morse Code / Cast Iron Arm / Goose Bumps / Caterpillar / Ten Little Women / Touch Of Lovin' / Don't Let Go

The Slippers are:
Kellio Siurainen - Vocals, Drums
Tokela - Vocals, Guitar
Tommi Viksten - Vocals, Guitar
Klaus Shivonen - Double Bass

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-TQsgGVrZA

Read more about the Slippers HERE

Website: http://personal.inet.fi/cool/slippers/

Reviewed by Memphis Mike, 2011