Slingshot, Paul Galaxy & The Galactix 
Rollin' Rock CD 115

Yep, I feel another five star review coming up, I'm listening now to Paul Galaxy and The Galactix. A little while ago I mentioned "music being able to grab you by the balls", well here's a schoolbook example.

"Real American Rock and Roll, Rockabilly and Surf" it reads on the back cover. Add a drop of camp movie and a spoonful of ducktail grease and you have the recipe for a raunchy cult recording. This CD has everything it promisess on the sleeve. Starting with "White Train", the CD sets the pace for another 13 songs. "Black Out Drunk" is an uptempo blues bopper with a mean guitar and funny lyrics about the way we all like our women best: black out drunk.

The title song "Slingshot" is a breathtaking surf instrumental in the classic tradition of The Surftones or the Lively Ones. "Vampire Girl" takes you to the Twilight Zone where Ghouls and Vampires crawl through the night. Uncanny guitars drowning in echoes and some good timed shock effects complete this creepy song, dealing with a forbidden love for a devilicious vamp. The way the song enrolls in my mind, I sure want to end up in the coffin with that creature of the night too!

"Firecracker" doesn't let you catch your breath, but instead takes you along on a wild rollercoaster ride. Just in time the next song arrives, "On A Mission". Well, we could need a Paul Galaxy "On A Mission" in some pubs and clubs here. Hope he and his band arrive over here real soon to do some mission work. "Road Dog" is a nice foottapper, but the real stuff continues with "Piranha". Surf at its best! Pounding drums and a driving bass and fresh melody lines.

My favorite from this album - if I have to pick one, because all songs are equally good - would be "Lunar Swing" which alone is worth buying this CD. Well, I'm not going to chew over every song for you (unless Ronnie Weisser would send me a few sixpacks of Miller) but you can take my word that Paul Galaxy & The Galactix have done a perfect job.

On the innersleeve of the CD it reads: This record was recorded in one and a half hour with twelve cases of beer and four microphones. Oh wait, twelve hours and one and a halve case of beer. Unbelievable, but it proves that a good job doesn't have to take 12 months and a lot of copy & paste in a hightech studio, but just a good atmosphere, fine musicians and the right spirit.

White Train / Black Out Drunk / Slingshot / Vampire Girl / Firecracker / On a Mission / Road Dog / Piranha / Lunar Swing / Don't Push Your Luck / All I Want / Model "A" / Solar Flare / Round the World

Introducing the band:
Paul Galaxy - Guitar & Lead Vocals
Chris "Chopper" Cordoba - Bass & BackingVocals
Mike "Mad Dog" Minnick - Drums & Backing Vocals

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Phone: +1 (303) 670 9950

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Reviewed by Uncle_B, 2004