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Slap Sally Combo is a Finnish band that started out in 1991 playing traditional boppin' hillbilly music from the 40's and early 50's. The band tries to recreate the old time beat and its simple and honest attitude towards the music. In other words, Slap Sally Combo wants to capture that magical phase of the history of popular music, when rock 'n' roll was not yet born and country music was already dead to some younger listeners.

The real speciality of Slap Sally Combo is the rockabilly bass woman Katarina Blomqvist. As she slaps that big upright bass so relentlessly, it's a wonder that her bass has broken only once so far. Once a man who saw Katarina standing beside her big instrument felt sorry for her, but the moment she started to play he felt sorry only for the bass! The singer of the band Pasi Nyman gives Slap Sally Combo's music an unforgettable sound by singing like the old country stars from the 40's. For all this to be perfect you need to stabilize it a little and in the Slap Sally Combo, this down-to-earth factor is the lead guitarist Olli Holopainen. He is anything but a standard rock 'n' roll musician. He for instance doesn't want to move around on stage at all and feels comfortable only when he is sitting on a bar stool.

After having a few 45s out on Goofin' Records and a few songs on various comps, Slap Sally Combo issued their first demo CD on their own Slap Media label in 1999. The CD contains 5 original tracks, all written by Katarina. Soundsamples are available from their website. Don't expect any raw rockabilly, the band doesn't pretend to be "rockabilly" at all, it's traditional hillbilly music from way before rockabilly was born, but Katarina's slap bass gives it that certain touch that many rockabilly fans will enjoy.

Contact information:
Katarina Blomqvist
Slap Media
Sornaisten Rantatie 27 A
00500 Finland
Tel. +358 40 5584467