NET. WT. 2.5 OZ. - The Slapbacks 
Part Records, PART-CD 656.001

The Slapbacks are a rockabilly quartett from Vienna, Austria. The band started out in 1995, and they played several gigs in and around Vienna in the following years. The idea for the bandname came from Sam Phillips. He prided himself on his engineering skills and he worked assiduously to create a distinctive and individual sound for each recording, combining clarity, presence, and a kind of adjustable reverb that he dubbed "slapback".

After a few changes in the line-up they found what they were looking for, their own style. Since then they played a lot more gigs, and with big success. All bandmembers had previous experiences in different combos, and this mixture of four individuals is now creating the unique sound of "The Slapbacks". They were quickly established in the Austrian rockabilly scene, especially in Vienna. Approximately once a week the crowd is getting wild when our boys are doing their stuff in clubs and at parties. Early 2002 they released their debut album "Rockabilly Blues", 14 mixed-up tracks of covers and self penned rockabilly tunes, including the popular "Stranger Girl".

And now we write the year of our Lord 2003, and the Slapbacks have just released a brand new album on Part Records, Germany, titled "NET. WT. 2.5 OZ.", a very catching title, since the beautiful folded cardbox cover has all the looks of a 1950s detergent advertising. Including, of course, the ingredients of this improved formula, and a warning that reads: "Too much use could make you addicted to it. While playing, keep away flammable things, sparks could fly!"

As for the music, this is all rockabilly, the way we like it best. Yes... sparks WILL fly! Hitting off with the self-penned "Sick'n'Tired Of Singin' The Blues", fast, loud, and just the way we like it. "Sitting On The Rooftop" is next, it slows down the pace to a groovy bluesy beat, but it does weigh a full 0.18oz. "Long Way To Memphis" picks up speed again, followed by the countrified Johnny Cash style "706". I'm going a bit fast here, beacuse there's no less than 16 tracks on this album, most of 'em originals. "Crazy Love", "Make Hay While The Sun Shines", "I'm Loaded", "Long Lonely Highway". The latter being a cool rockabilly rendition of Elvis' 60s song with the same title. "I Wanna Make Love To You" will rock your socks off, and Ricky Nelson's "Poor Little Fool" (written by Sharon Sheeley) has been re-arranged and it must be one of the rockingest cover versions I ever heard.

Even more superb self-penned rockabilly tracks are to follow, "Even Lonesome Cowboys Cry For Love", "Tell Me What's Wrong With Me", "Heartbreaking For Beginners", "What's The Matter" and "The Girl From Mexico". The last track on the album is an acoustic version of "Long Lonely Highway". And what an album, I've enjoyed listening to it immensely, lots of variety, without wandering off the rockabilly path. Very well done guys, keep up the good work!

The Slapbacks are:
Michael "Scotty" Nehyba - Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals
Patrick "Pat" Preiner - Rhythm Guitar, Wash-Board, Maracas, Eggzzz
Horst "Watson" Krenn - Double Bass, Backing Vocals
Florian "Flo" Kohler - Drums, Tamborine, Guitar Case, Cow Bell

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Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2003
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