Buckle Up, The Slapbacks
Rhythm Bomb Records, 2009

There are some funny facts about that band: they are quite often (probably by mistake or just that venues want to attract more visitors) are named on posters as a band from Australia... and the second - they quite often are invited for Teddy Boy Festivals. Both facts are quite strange, because this band certainly doesnít need extra advertising to atract more people and they are not a Teddy Boy band (at least in my opinion). So who are they?

The Slapbacks donít need any introduction, I suppose. They have been quite often appearing all over Europe and bringing with them not only musical instruments, but some energy and fun. The cover of their brand new cd "Buckle Up!" looks quite boring in contrary to the music on it.

17 songs (9 of them self-penned) are pure powerful rockíníroll. The additional promo letter is advicing you "to spin the cd in your Hi-Fi-System at 100% Volume", which I would not recommend... only if you are alone and in the wild forest. The songs sound already "loud" even on low volume. It is good and bad at the same time. I would like to hear more clear recordings, because the band can play and also can show it. But I know there are a lot of people, who would enjoy this cd like it is now, because it gives you an idea of live performance and not just a "dry" studio sound.

So Buckle Up and start the motor. "Gear Up" is the first track and a good introduction for the whole cd. So far nothing is going on. Only the next composition "Mean Devil Woman" starts to give your some accelaration. "One Broken Heart For Sale", one of my favourite songs of Elvis, seems not really in the style of The Slapbacks, but sounds very nicely (keeping its original softness, but also not letting the band loose their rockiní style), and then slowly motor getting its speed again...

I wonít concenrate on every song, but this how it goes: up and downs, speeding and slowing down again, and it certainly keeps you excited all the way. I like that cd has it story (with a start and a finish) and a title that sums it up.

And how about the music? Well, steady and solid rhythm - this is what is popping up in my head, when I am trying to describe the music. When I am thinking about the style, I would say rough and mean. The rest is is left for your own judgement!

So what else I can add? Just prepare yourself and have a fun ride with the Slapbacks!

Gear Up / Mean Devil Woman / One Broken Heart For Sale / Pin Up Girl / Shake Your Moneymaker / End Of The Road / Understand Your Man / You Cant Catch Me / Hi Heeled Baby / Get Rhythm / Modern Prison Blues / She Got Me Rockin / Just Me / I Dont Need You / Sea Of Heartbreak / Pretty Baby / Who Will The Next Fool Be

The Slapbacks are:
Michael Nehyba - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Patrick Preiner - Rhythm Guitar, Beatbox
Horst Krenn - Double Bass

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Reviewed by Kitti, 2009
Used with permission