Sin-Uendo, Jack Rabbit Slim 
Western Star WSRC 012


Now here's an album I've been looking forward to for a long time. Knowing most of the bandmembers, and being a fan of their earlier bands like Bob & The Bear Cats, The Flytes, Rockin' Rockin' 88, Rusti Steel & The Tin Tax, and also having heard the demo CD the band sent me last year, I knew before hand that this was gonna be one heck of a rockin' album. Boy, was I ever right...

The album starts with a quote from the fabulous movie "Pulp Fiction" (1994) where Mia Wallace (Uma Thurman) & Vincent Vega (John Travolta) arrive at Jack Rabbit Slim's, the 50's style lounge with all the rock & movie stars (Buddy Holly, Rick Nelson, Marilyn Monroe, Mamie van Doren). "What the fuck is this place?", well now you know where the band's name came from. The excerpt is followed by a fast paced hick-up rockabilly song titled "The Touch". I promise you, you won't be able to sit still anymore, the song rocks from start to end. It's an original song written by Bob Butfoy, in fact Bob wrote 11 of the 14 tracks on this album.

Next is "Cherry Pie", Tom Hayes is going nuts on his 6 strings. Tom has been a long time friend of mine and he's certainly one of the best rockabilly guitarists today. This song raised all the hairs in my neck, and it's only the second track! Track 3, with Steve Holbrook on piano, is titled "Day & A Dollar Late". Great lyrics, fabulous rockabilly song.

On to a revved up version "Power of my Love", a song Elvis recorded in 1969 with Ed Kollis on harmonica. On the Jack Rabbit Slim rendition, the harmonica is played by guest musician Andy Stradling. Bluesy rockabilly with a hard thumping bass. Nick Linton-Smith can really handle his doghouse, plucking the strings like a wild man on "Shake-A-Billy Baby".

A spooky change in rhythm on the stormy song "Gypsy Curse" and back to basic rockabilly on "Bad Girls". The album sure has a lot of variety in music, all being either rock or roll, or both! And let me tell you, Jack Rabbit Slim is "Doin' All Right" on Eddie Cash's song too. "Voodoo Slide" sounds like Johnny Burnette on steroids, great sliding with a bit of distortion by master Tom.

"Gas Tanks & Bellies" are two things that have to be filled on time, cewl lyrics on this uptempo rockabilly country song. On "Long Time Dead" the band is challenging the Johnny Burnette Trio one more time, and getting away with it mighty good, followed by some more revved up country on "Hard Luck Story" with Paul Saunders hitting the skins hard. These guys can really play it all, try on the Collin' Kids' "Whistle bait" for size, oowee!

The album closes with yet another Bob Butfoy orginal rockabilly stomper "Tonight". What a joy, not one flaw on this entire platter, rocking you hard all the way. Recorded at Alan Wilson's Western Star Studios, this really is what rock 'n' roll is all about: sending shivers down your spine for 32 minutes straight, and leaving you still shaking an hour later! The album launch party is scheduled on October 8th, 2005, at The Ace Cafe London.

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Jack Rabbit Slim are (L2R):
Tom Hayes - Lead Guitar
Paul Saunders - Drums
Nick Linton-Smith - Double Bass
Bob Butfoy - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

Western Star Recording Company
P.O. Box 1441
Bristol BS39 7ZN
United Kingdom

Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2005