Simply Beautiful, The Lennerockers 
Lennerockers, LRO 00007

Yes, this is the new Lennerockers CD. No doubt about that. You can distinguish the Lennerockers' sound from a thousand bands by their first notes. This new album is no surprise at all. It is again the same old top quality western rockabilly boogie. Don't you guys ever fuck up? Just kidding of course. Fourteen tracks, and all of them Lennerockers originals. Most of them written by the Koch Brothers (I like the sound of that). Stefan Koch is a multi-instrumental wizard, playing piano, guitars, harp, mandolin, pedal steel, accordeon, ukelele and banjo. And he can sing too, although the voice that sets the Lennerockers apart from all the rest is Stefan's brother Michael Ele Koch. The band has been together for over 15 years and it's obvious that these guys have a lot of experience, although their music still sounds as young and fresh as on their first issue "Keep Cool".

The mixture of rock 'n' roll, rockabilly, western swing and boogie woogie has proven to be a successful one. This shows again on the warm opener "It Could Be Worse", a great rocker, influenced by the great Eddie Bush (Carl Mann's guitarist) and with beautiful piano intros. Boogie woogie Freddie Fingers Lee style we find in "Pin Up Girl", with fabulous fifties style lyrics. "I've Got You On My Mind Again" is kind of a ballad, the slower pace brings out the vocal capabilities of Michael Ele Koch, a very sensitive slow rocker, again with impeccable piano intro. Some teddy boy rock 'n' roll is presented with "Book With Seven Seals", maybe you will understand women better after listening to this, or maybe you never will... "Barrelhouse Boogie", with it's pounding rhythm, is a kind of boogie woogie song European style. Wild Bob Burgos comes to mind, but it's difficult to compare the Lennerockers' music to others, because they have their very own specific style. Their many combined styles come out very nice in the skifle song "The Unknown Picture". "Mercy" is something totally different again, this time with brass accompaniment by Horns Unlimited, somewhat jazzy with lotsa New Orleans swing.

"The Girl In My dreams", with chorus and doo-wop, raves about the girl with the teddy bear brown eyes (I love her already) and "Mississippi Delta Blues" goes way back to the roots of modern music. Country music in "Hometown Heartbreak" and vivid hillbilly rock pops up in "The Way I Feel Tonight". Some Chicago blues, harmonica and all, in "Rock Bottom Blues". Aaaaah, rockabilly, "Bouncing Betty" just gave me shivers down my spine, greasy bass and driving rhythm combined with sneering guitars. The last track on the album is the title song "Simply Beautiful" and it takes you back to where we started off 45 minutes ago, a beautiful country rockabilly song in the unsurpassed Carl Mann style.

Did you keep count of the styles I mentioned? Rockabilly, rock 'n' roll, western boogie, blues, boogie woogie, skiffle, the list is endless. This band can put any music style to rock and roll. Rocking from A to Z with great variety. Another masterpiece delivered. Do you want me to pick a fovourite from this release, well let me tell you, I could easily name fifteen! And that's including the illustrated booklet with all the lyrics to every song on the disc.

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