A Shot Of The Slapbacks, The Slapbacks
Part Records PART-CD 656.002

The Slapbacks are a rockabilly trio from Vienna, Austria. The band started out in 1995, and the idea for the bandname came from Sam Phillips. He prided himself on his engineering skills and he worked assiduously to create a distinctive and individual sound for each recording, combining clarity, presence, and a kind of adjustable reverb that he dubbed "slapback".

"A Shot Of The Slapbacks" is the band's 3rd CD. Remember our review of "NET. WT. 2.5 OZ." in 2003? Well, the album landed 5 stars for their second album then and ended up on our recommendations list. So you can understand that I was quite curious about this new release, and I can tell you already, I was not disappointed. Actually this is a Mini-CD, because it has "only" 7 tracks, it was recorded for the Slapbacks US Tour in July 2005.

Four of the songs were written and arranged by the band's lead vocalist and guitarist Michael "Scotty" Nehyba, starting off with the Johnny Cash styled "Misery". The second song "Man's Ruin" speeds up the tempo, it has that distinctive Slapback's distortion on the vocals. Other Slapback original's are "Weekend Love Affair" and "It's Up To Me". Their rendition of Charlie Feathers' immortal classic "Bottle To The Baby" is real cool, with some hot guitar licks.

A previously unreleased track of The Slapbacks titled "Will I Love Again" can be found on the new "Rockin' Around The EEC" compilation album on Empire Records: CLICK TO READ MORE

The Slapbacks are:
Michael "Scotty" Nehyba - Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals
Horst "Watson" Krenn - Double Bass, Backing Vocals
Patrick "Pat" Preiner - Rhythm Guitar, Beat Box

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Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2005