Tearin' Up The Road, Shock Therapy
Crazy Love Records, CLCD64134

With bandmembers originating from Frantic Flinstones, Rosswell Invaders, Dawg House and Sundance Cats, with top notch producer Alan Wilson (former guitarist with The Sharks), Shock Therapy certainly got their musical act together. Wayne is one heck of a drummer, and he's got the "jungle style" down pretty good ("Inside My Head"). Mark's snearing lead guitar fades from left to right on your stereo machine and Clive sure plays a mean slapping bass. Vocalist Neil Thomas being the only gangmember who's actually new to performing, although he used to hang around as part of Fireball XL5 in the 80's. He also writes most of the lyrics for the band and he's got a voice just perfect for the style.

This debut release contains eight selfpenned tracks, seven of which are "80s revisited", a rockabilly groundbeat, quite close to the edge of psychobilly - a style that originated from bands like Polecats, Deltas and Sharks some two decades ago. This kind of rockabilly music might not be appreciated much by the hardcore Elvis Presley and Carl Perkins fans, but nevertheless, it's rockabilly all right. And it comes bashing in with a bite, in living color and in full stereo. "In The Shadows" is the only song that has little to do with rockabilly, it has more than just a little classic rock influences for my taste and doesn't really fit in with the other rockabilly tracks. Too bad this album only has 8 tracks, although 7 more have been recorded in April of this year. Soundsamples and lyrics are available from the Shock Therapy website.

Inside My Head - Want That Gal - In The Shadows - Tightrope - Step Into My Life - Fearsome - Tearin' Up The Road - Louisiana Playboy

Shock Therapy line-up:
Neil 'The Bear' Thomas - Vocals
Mark Beckley - Guitar
Wayne Beauchamp - Drums
Clive Perchard - Slap Bass

Guitar slinger Mark Beckley was recently replaced by Baz Mungham (Dawg House, Hot Rockin')

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Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2002