Nothin' But Right, Shaun Horton & The Tennessee Trio
Raucous Records RAUCD 152

"Nothin' But Right" - the debut album from Shaun Horton & The Tennessee Trio, a 4-piece with a raw but powerful sound blasting out a mix of well-known and obscure Rockabilly tunes, as well as original compositions. The band is led by Shaun Horton who is the singer, song-writer and rhythm guitar player. Shaun is known for previously fronting The Tennessee Trio. Double Bass player is Andy Sykes who has played in numerous rockin' bands in the North West of England. 'Geordie' Paul O'Donnell is the drummer. When not providing the band's solid beat, he is proprietor of his shop "Ducksville Speed". The quartet is rounded off by lead guitarist and finger picker Chris Skinner, who along with Shaun was previously seen in The Tennessee Trio. "Nothin' But Right" was recorded over four sessions between November 2003 and January 2004 by Mr Chris 'Cucumber' Cummings at his world famous Riverside Studios in Blackpool on the North West coast of England.

Of course this is hardly a debut album, because Shaun and Chris already did some great albums with the Tennessee Trio like "Track Down baby" and "Don't Call Me Up" (both were also released on the Raucous label). That also means that Shaun has a name to keep up, and we can expect professional high quality authentic rockabilly music. And that it is! The Riverside Studios also have a name for supreme productions, and the combination presents you with a superb fifties sound.

A fabulous rockin' album packed with 14 boppin' tracks, including a number of self-penned songs, like the fast rollin' opener "Have Myself a Time". Further down the line we find "Don't Call Me Up", "Messin' Around" and Hi-Steppin' Daddy". The original tracks are varied with a cool collection of covers from 50s heroes like Pat Cupp, Hoyt Johnson, Johnny Horton, Glen Glenn, Warren Smith, Mac Curtis, and others. All that and then some make this new Raucous release well worth playing at any rockabilly party, and as it reads on the front cover; "Play it loud!"

Shaun Horton & The Tennessee Trio are:
Shaun Horton - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Chris Skinner - Lead Guitar
Andy Sykes - Double Bass
Paul O'Donnell - Drums

Have Myself A Time / Do Me No Wrong / Come To Your Tommy Now / Eenie Meenie Miney Mo / I'm Coming Home / Blue Jeans And A Boys Shirt / Dear John / Don't Call Me Up / That Ain't Nothin' But Right / Hepcat Baby / Messin' Around / Gonna Love My Baby Now / I Don't Like I Did

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Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2004