Shakin' Tonight, The Flatfoot Shakers 
Preston & Tail Records, 2002
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 Flatfoot Shakers, Shakin' Tonight

If you collect rockabilly music, you must have a couple of albums on the Swedisch Tail label, and also some on the Aussie Preston label. It is said, and I must agree, that these two are among the best vintage studios in the world. Not that I have ever visited any of 'em, just judging by the music I heard so far. So, if you would like to make an impression, record an album at both studios! Good thinking Flatfoot Shakers! That'll get you a jet lag :))

Having said that, let's hear the results of flying up and down the world. I remember being swept off my feet when I first heard this band, so you can bet I'm eager to put this silver platter in the juke machine. Kieron's been busy again, he wrote 14 out of the 18 songs presented, starting with a hot rockabilly bopper "Gold Diggin' Mama". Peter Baylor plays a mean lead guitar (whatever happened to Phil Jones?). "I'm Getting Rid Of You" is a bit of a ballad, unique voice this man Kieron has, followed by another rockabilly sweeper "The Love Bug". Gene Pitney's '61 hit "Louisiana Mama" sounds neat with a mean slapping bass. "The Friday Night Hop" is kinda of a slow hop with a hillbilly touch and the opening of Kieron's "Eighteen" reminds a lot of "Woodpecker Rock", real cool!

"Waiting For You" is one more of Kieron's swell ballads, too bad the hightones sound as if the song was altered digitally. More country bop with "The Honeymoon Is Over", followed by an uptempo love song with a greasy slap titled "Carolien" (yep, spelled in Dutch especially for me, LOL). After dragging the gear all the way from Sweden to Melbourne, we're moving on with the title bopper "Shakin' Tonight". "Sentimental Fool" (not the Barbara Pittman song) is another slow thing... or not? Kieron's sad voice lasts for about a minute, when a hard hitting doghouse bass takes the song to new heights. A shiver just went down my spine, an indicator I can always depend on when I hear good music.

The selfpenned "Be Boppin' Baby" is followed by a superb rendition of Don Woody's "Barking Up The Wrong Tree" (woof woof). "Nobody Understands (Like I do)" hits off with yet another superb slap intro, but the song is a bit too slow to dance to. Let's speed up things again with a country-ish "Hey There Friend". Now, I'm not too fond of slow songs, and this album has quite a few, but just listen to this song "Kathleen" (Kieron's, not Wally Lewis) and tell me if you're not touched by the deep sadness that slowly crawls right into your heart...

Don't hold back now, just let these guys go wild on Pat Cupp's "I Guess It's Meant That Way", that'll wake you up from dreaming about Kathleen, LOL. And to close this super cool album, we'll get to listen to Faron Young's "Alone With You", a song that superbly combines Kieron's sad voice, Peter's snearing lead guitar and a thumping bass. End of review. Let's just start again from the beginning!

The Flatfoot Shakers are:
Kieron McDonald - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Peter Baylor - Lead Guitar
Jamie Vancam - Drums
Carl Baker - Bass (Tail)
Dan Rondean - Bass (Preston)
Mikael Ek - Piano (Trax 2 & 4)

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Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2002