Self Service, Planet Creep
Independent Release, 2003

Almost 3 years after the band was founded in February 2001, here's the release of their first full length CD. Full length, yes, because the album contains 19 tracks, all self-penned, except for Link Wrays "Run Chicken Run". Although Remy Groot was a founding member of the rockabilly band Crazy Tones, this CD is a long way from rockabilly. In fact, it's a sound completely their own, based on original surf and surfrock, shamelessly mixed with 60's rock and hard-rock. So, if you are looking for the next great rockabilly release, you'd better skip this one. But if you're a reverb fan, Los Straitjackets and experimental Link Wray stuff etcetera, read on!

I went to a Planet Creep live gig not too long ago, and I must say these guys broke the house down in less than 30 minutes. A fabulous varied surf & rock gig, but please remind me to bring a set of earplugs next time, these fellows play Loud, with a capital L. Remy Groot is a very experienced musician and he plays his Gretch with utter dedication, not afraid to use every little trick in the book with his foot-pedals. He does remind somewhat of the great Eddie Angel, lead stringpicker for Los Straitjackets, Neaderthals and The Planet Rockers. On stage, Remy has the looks of Eddie Cochran, the way he bends over, his guitar hanging high on his chest, totally engrossed into his music. The excellent rhythm section, with Rogier on bass and Bertwin hitting the drums hard, add up to a terrifying sound. You would never believe there were only 3 guys on that stage!

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Planet Creep is:
Remi Groot - Gretch, Vocals
Bertwin Van Avezaath - Drums
Rogier Weenen - Bass

Contact Information:
Planet Creep
Lindenstraat 19
5482BT Schijndel
The Netherlands
Tel: +31-(0)6-48521264 

Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2003