Satellite Rock, Bill Fadden & The Silvertone Flyers
Western Star WSRC 003

A superb follow-up for their excellent debut Bop Party is this Western Star release "Satellite Rock". Bill Fadden & The Silvertone Flyers have again issued an authentic rockabilly album that'll keep your feet movin' from start to end. With no less than 17 tracks, 10 of which are self-penned originals, this CD is packed with rockin' 50s sounds. It also includes covers of some of my all time favourite songs like Narvell Felts' "Foolish Thoughts", Ben Hewitt's "My Search" and Joe Tate's "Satellite Rock". Tantalizing!

News from Nervous:
This is the second album by top authentic UK Rockabillies, Bill Fadden & the Silvertone Flyers. By far their best ever recordings, this album was completed just months before the bandís front-man Bill Fadden went solo, creating a stir in the rockin' world. Now, with a new band, he is about to commence live work again and will be out promoting this CD. In addition to that, the Silvertone Fliers will also be recruiting a new singer and are determined to continue. So, two separate bands will soon be out there promoting this release! This CD was recorded at the band's zenith and is sure to become a classic album.

This Boy's Moving On / You're Gonna Have To Bawl / What'll You Do / Rocket Powered Daddy / Tracking My Baby Down / Foolish Thoughts / Shake Rock-a-Bop / I Hope You Cry / Too Bad Baby / My Search / Hot Rod V8 Rumble / Stubborn Boy / I've Got Another Love / Crazy Lovin' / I Fell In Love / Satellite Rock / House Rent Blues

The Silvertone Flyers are:
Bill Fadden - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Buddy Coles - Lead Guitar
Katie-Jane Fielding - Drums
Jack Boxwell - Bull Fiddle

Western Star Recording Company
PO Box 1441
BS39 7ZN U.K. 

Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2003