Eddie Cochran Memorial Weekender, Sand Bay 2007
28-30 Sept. 2007, Weston-Super-Mare, England

John Leyton


This was the 3rd year in a row that I went to the Eddie Cochran Memorial Weekender. In previous years it was held in a leisure park in Chippenham, quite near the place where Eddie Cochran met his untimely death in a car accident on Sunday, April 17, 1960.

This year however, the festival moved to Sand Bay, Weston-Super-Mare, a beautiful 50s style holiday village on the seaside. Yes indeed a fabulous venue with nice and clean chalets, superb food, excellent service and a fantastic music hall with great acoustics. You could actually drink a good beer in a genuine glass instead of a stupid plastic cup. Ideal for a rock 'n' roll weekender! And rock and roll we did !!! The Flames, The Revolutionairs, Johnny Leyton, Sandy Ford & his Flying Saucers, Lennerockers, and those are just a few of an endless list of sperb bands on the bill.

The chalets were all occupied, the ballroom was packed, looked to me like the festival was sold out. Everybody was having lots of fun, a lot of jivin', boppin' and strollin' too. Meeting up with old friends, making new friends, this festival is just the friendliest place on the rock 'n' roll circuit. You can bet your bottom dollar that we are gonna be there again next year!

Our semi-professional photographer Peter made lots of pictures of the bands and all the teenagers on the dancefloor. These pictures can be viewed and/or downloaded FREE from his SmugMug photobucket website at:


Despite the fact that an option is given to purchase the pictures, views and downloads are FREE, enjoy these great pics and see you all next year !!!

The BlackCat & Wild Bob Burgos

Sandy Ford

Eddie Cochran Memorial Weekender, Sand Bay 2008
26-29 Sept. 2008, Weston-Super-Mare, England

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Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2007