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Formed over the spring and summer of 2004, the Northern Kentucky (USA) based three piece plays orginal songs written by Jack Coray, such as "Cuts Down To The Wire", a high energy song about hot rod driving, bank robbing couple on the run, Bonnie & Clyde style. "The Killer" was inspired by old western movies that one would imagine Johnny Cash as the star. "My 56" a song about rebellious teenage youth and racing. "The Rumble Club" a tribute to the ways of the 50's rumble fights between the Greasers and the East side boys.

"These guys are really something, they've got a rockabilly guitarist, singing country songs with this big deep voice, yet the songs tell very interesting stories and have this punk edginess that really takes off and rocks you out!"
- Johnny Cool -

Dale Johnson, Citybeat, March 2005
Locals Only: Local trio Rumble Club are Psychobilly lovers and fighters. "The band takes a mix of Chuck Berry riffs, surfin' twang (a la Duane Eddy), the big voice of Johnny Cash (Coray sounds eerily like the original Man in Black) and The Reverend Horton Heat's tempo-revving insanity and filters it all through the grit of punk, coming out sounding like The Clash if they were American and more concerned with cars than politics. Their high octane attacks prompt them to call themselves psychobilly".

2005 News
Rumble Club recently recorded their debut album "Rumble Club Rides Tonight" with the legendary engineer and producer Erwin Musper at the helm. Written and produced by Jack Coray. Recorded at the Bamboo Studio in Northern Heights KY. Be ready to rock with 11 tracks of hot rod racing guitar, cowbilly yeeehaw, psychobilly, and a really cool version of "The Twilight Zone" Rumble Club style.

The Rumble Club / The Killer / Old Dog / Fantasma Juan / My Hard Luck / My56 / Drive'Em On / Lord Have Mercy / Cuts Down To The Wire / Twilight Zone / The Country Way

Rumble Club are:
Jack Coray - Guitar, Vocals
Matt Walsh - Drums
Slimtone Osborn - Upright Bass

Contact information: 

Rumble Club Records
9 east 15th Street
Covington, KY 41011
United States of America
Phone: +1 (513) 237-7756 

Information provided by The Rumble Club, 2005