The World Keeps Turning, Rudy La Crioux & The All Stars
Western Star WSEC 008

Rudy La Crioux & The All Stars got rolling at the end of '98. They played frantically through '99 and released their self-financed demo CD, "Lets Have A Ball". In 2000 they signed a deal with Spindrift Records to officially release the demo as a debut CD. 2002 kicked in like a hopped-up roadster in overdrive! Gigs came in fast and furious. Apart from the normal gigs, the band also supported legendary guitarist Scotty Moore at the Tennessee Club, plus a two-date support for The Comets, courtesy of Ritchie Gee. This recording started as an EP in late 2003, but developed into an album containing covers and featuring for the first time, songs written and produced by the band.

Hitting off with a cover of Little Jimmy Dickens' "Hole In My Pocket", you just know you're in for a treat with this follow up to the band's (already) terrific debut album. The lead guitar sounds as if all strings are strung just a little to tight, and it jumps right out of the speakers. The distinguished voice of Rudy la Crioux (real name Russ Sear) and the fact that it was recorded at Alan Wilson's Western Star Studios sets this album apart from many contemporary releases.

Russ Sear's own "Lonely, Sad and Blue" is just superb, it sounds as authentic as anything recorded in the 50s, and you just can't escape the feeling that it was a standard for many years. Very well done! Then there are great renditions of Al Ferrier's "Let's Go Boppin' Tonight", Gene Criss' "Hep Cat Baby" and "Carzy Blues" (Bill Blevins I think). Another original is "You In My Heart", inspired a little bit by the sound of Buddy Holly. Perkins' "Movie Magg" is done the classic way and T. Texas Tyler's "Shake 'em Up Rock" also has that great authentic sound.

A couple more originals, all written by Russ Sear, "Falling For You Baby", "Get Over You" (with a neo touch) and "The Marrying Kind". Sonny Fisher's "Rockin' Daddy" has always been one of my favorites, and given The All Stars treatment, it sounds greater than ever. Another superb Western Star release, with all original lyrics included in the liner notes.

Current line-up:
Rudy La Crioux - Lead Vocals
Barry Lowe - Lead Guitar
Ian 'Rocky' Cumming - Rhythm Guitar
Paul 'Woody' Woodmansey - Upright Bass
Neil Fisher - Drums

(I Got A) Hole In My Pocket / Lonely, Sad And Blue / Let's Go Boppin' Tonight / Hep Cat Baby / Crazy Blues / You In My Heart / Movie Magg / Falling For You Baby / Shake 'em Up Rock / Get Over You / Rockin' Daddy / Big Fool / The Marrying Kind / Love My Baby

Contact information:
Rudy La Crioux
48 Sutherland Avenue
Bristol BS16 6QL
United Kingdom
Phone: +44-1179109248 

Western Star Recording Company
P.O. Box 1441
Bristol BS39 7ZN
United Kingdom

Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2004