Ruby Red Lips, Slap 'n' The Cats 
Slap 'n' The Cats, 2000

"Ruby Red Lips" is the awesome follow up of Slap 'n' The Cats first album "Hot Rods 'n' Haircuts". Aussies can really rock 'n' roll, we have known that a long time. The Satellites, Rock Cat Rock, Dee Dee & The Wanderers, Flatfoot Shakers, to name but a few. More and more Aussie bands are getting better known in Europe these days, although very little ever do gigs up here. Well, I admit, it's a long way from home...

Slap 'n' The Cats is not a new band, they've been around for almost ten years now, and the members are all experienced musicians with a true love for authentic rockabilly music. This CD "Ruby Red Lips" proves this beyond any doubt.

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And now for this CD. No slow start, get right in the mood, Slap 'n' The Cats hits off with hard driving rockabilly from track one titled "Kitten I Was Made For You". Superb slappin' solos varied with awesome Gretsch picking. Hot roddin' with "Hot Rod Baby In A Coupe De Ville". Again the slappin' bass dominates the song, get on that dance floor cats, and pay attention when Slim performs his guitar wizardry, shivers down your spine! "Put On My Creepers" is still great rockin' with a rockabilly beat, followed by "Ow! It Hurts". This is a somewhat slower song, compared to the previous tracks, but still a beauty. You won't get much time to rest though, "My Old Rod" will rock you hard again and "Hottest Damn Woman In Town", with it's doo-wop kinda vocals, really swings.

"Never Get A Love Tattoo" clearly shows that the band was, besides Johnny Burnette, Eddie Cochran and Gene Vincent, also mildly influenced by the early Stray Cats. Soft vocals on a rocking song with a beat titled "Girl From The City" adds to the variety of this album, beautiful love song. "I'm Gonna Call Mary" is another lovesong with superb vocals. Would you gals like to do the walk, and maybe you cats wanna join in, here's your chance on "Hot As A Pepper". Back to fast paced rockbilly again with "Out The Back Later" and "Mean Old Daddy". One more great love song (with a beat of course) is presented with "Red Locked Cuzzi Baby" and yet rocking with "3 Hep Cats In Dungarees" and "Lonsesome Road".

It's quite difficult to describe every single song here, 'cause I can hardly keep writing terms like "awesome", "fabulous" and "fantastic" all the time, but actually that's just what this CD is; fabulasticous. A total of 15 tracks (a full 55 minutes!) and all tracks are self penned originals. Many compliments for this work of art, and a well deserved five star rating! And don't forget: sound samples of all songs are availble from the Slap 'n' The Cats website.

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Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2001