Roostina, The Rumblejetts
Spin Jett Records, 2005

The Rumblejetts have hit the scene with reborn energy and are spreading the Rockabilly "gospel" with the release of their all new CD Four Play. They are currently storming the backroads, alleys and roadhouses of the midwest and may soon be found on your doorstep with upcoming gigs in Kansas City, Indianapolis and Memphis.

Hailing from Kansas City, The Rumblejetts feature high energy Rockabilly music that has found them with Scotty Moore, DJ Fontana, Billy Lee Riley, Stan Perkins, Big Sandy, Ronnie Dawson, Dwight Yoakam, and others. The Rumblejetts are a LIVE performance tour de force and look forward to corrupting your neighborhood soon!

Now here's a band I had lost track of for a while, the only album I have is 2001 "Dry County" and I notice that two tracks on this new album are reworks from Dry County, Jagged bottle and Big bouffant, I'll have a side by side listen later. Don't let the fact that this CD was recorded at the legendary Sun studios tempt you into buying this album, Sun also recorded a fair amount of rubbish prior to, and after the million dollar boys, get your dealer to play a track or two and buy this on it's merits! The album was engineered & Mixed by James Lott.

As soon as I hit play on this CD, it was "full on" energy, so that grabbed my attention. I let it play all the way through, then hit repeat! I was impressed by the pickin' of Jim Holopter, nice and clean fret work...

This CD would impress a tone deaf biker, it is all killer and no filler, This band has matured over the last 3 years (I like the latest version of Big bouffant too). I guess Sam would have liked this stuff too, especially track 8 (I don't care if the Sun don't shine) that should have made the hairs on his neck stand up :-)

My complaints are... The false start on track 4 (that should have been cleaned Mr. Lott) spoils a great song. (I will edit my copy before I drop it on a bike disk) and the listing on the back cover would have been better if the tracks were numbered.


Clickity Clack 550 Is Back / Roostina / Road Rockets / That Girl Is Death / That Will Be All From You / Please Give Me Something / Jett Black Brunette From Calumet / I Don't Care If The Sun Don'T Shine / Jagged Bottle / Big Bouffant

The Rumblejetts are:
Jim Holopter - Guitar
Pete Mora - Vocals, Bass
Jeff Holt - Drums

Information & bookings:
10701 West 70th Terrace
Shawnee Mission
KS 66203 - U.S.A.
Phone: +1 913 248 9425 

Reviewed by CancerMan Mark, 2005