Ronnie Haig, Still Kickin' Butt !!!
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Hello all my good friends over there. Ronnie Haig here in Indianapolis Indiana sending a big hello and thank you for your loyalty and kindness to this old Rocker. I only wish I could come over and shake each of your hands personally. I love the fans, and would give anything to do just that. You see, I have a bone degenerative disease that has put me all but out of the performing business. Think of it, the thing you love with all your heart, and can't do it. Please don't think I don't want to come to your country and play for you, because that is not true. Dave Justis asked me to record an album CD which we call "Still Kickin' Butt" and I did it. What a chore, but what an album! I am so proud of my 3 months work. I pray you will take it into your homes and love it 1/2 as much as I enjoyed recording it. I love you all. My lack of activity right now does not mean I don't dream at night of being out there in front of you. I do and appreciate your patience. Please feel
free to e-mail me anytime 24/7 at I promise I will answer each of them myself, as it's the only contact I have, and I cherish it. Thank you so much for buying my CD - every little bit helps. May God Bless.
--Ronnie Haig--

Ronnie Haig was born Ronald D. Hege in Indianapolis, Indiana, on March 21, 1939. He attended technical highschool from 1953-1957 and started playing around with a guitar at the age of 6. He did his first gig at age 16 (he made five bucks and a sandwich) and bought his Gibson ES295 Gold in 1957 (and he still plays it today!). His 1958 releases were recorded at the Chess Studios in Chicago, and at age 18 he started out on Note Records, later on ABC-Paramount. He played on many recording sessions throughout his life, including his own. To make a living, Ronnie was a salesman all his life ("Prudential" Mack Truck). He just loves Sex, White Castle Hamburgers and Gibson guitars (not necessarily in that order) and is a fan of Chcuk Berry and Little Richard. His idea of a great evening is: turn in at 10 pm, make love and go to sleep (in that order).

The guy who was banned in Boston, condemned in Cleveland and banished from Baltimore is back and like the title of his new album says is "Still Kickin' Butt". Ronnie Haig's 1958 hit "Don't You Hear Me Calling, Baby" supposedly contained the nastiest of all nasty words in the last 18 seconds of the song (it absolutely did not!), which brought him notoriety in the rock 'n' roll world years before The Kingsmen were accused of putting supposedly dirty lyrics in a song which actually had none. Ronnie gives us the answer to that legendary hit on his new album with the very first song "Didn't You Hear Me Calling, Baby" even reprising those infamous last 18 seconds though this time there is no doubt that the answer, just like the original, contains no obscenity whatsoever. That song and the rest of the album also showcases Haig's incredible guitar work, while still playing that same Gibson ES295 that he bought in 1957 and, according to rock 'n' roll legend, traded licks with Chuck Berry one late night at the Chess Studios.

Ronnie also handles most of the other instrumental work on the album as well, and those female backing vocals are done by Ronnie's wife, Susie. Even more amazing is the fact that the entire album was recorded, produced and engineered by Ronnie in his own home studio. Cuts like "I Don't Drive No Cadillac", "The Phantom Band" and "The Wrong Side of Town" prove that Ronnie Haig can still rock the socks off any young rocker, while other songs like "You Made A Promise To Me" show off his country side and "When Doo Wop Was Young" pays homage to those sweet corner groups of years gone by. "All My Friends Are There" and "Tattooed Head To Toe" pay homage to the legends of rock 'n' roll, while "Haig's Boogie" is a rocking instrumental. All in all the album just goes to prove one thing and ultimately one thing only, that after all these years Rockabilly Hall of Famer, Ronnie Haig is "Still Kickin' Butt."

Didn't You Hear Me Calling Baby / Million Dollar Quartet / Do The Bop / All My Friends Are There / You Made A Promise To Me / The Wrong Side Of Town / I Don't Drive No Cadillac / The Phantom Band / The Magic Train / Cut My Teeth On Rock 'n' Roll / The Genesis Of Rock 'n' Roll / Rockabilly Queen / She's My Baby / Haig's Boogie / When Doo Wop Was Young / Let's Make Love All Night / The Ballad Of Ronnie Haig / Gonna Have A Good Time Blues / Don't Tell Me No Iies / House Of Blue Lights / I Hope I Don't Never Stop / Tattooed Head To Toe

Original releases:

Note 10010 (1958)

Don't You Hear Me Calling, Baby
b/w Baby b/w Traveler Of Love

Note 10014 (1958)
Don't You Hear Me Calling, Baby
b/w Baby b/w Traveler Of Love

ABC-Paramount 45-9912 (1958)
Rocking With The Rhythm And Blues
b/w Money Is A Thing Of The Past

ABC-Paramount 45-10209 (1961)
Don't You Hear Me Calling, Baby
b/w Baby b/w Traveler Of Love

Acetate (no further info)
Hey Little Baby
b/w Traveler Of Love

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