I Want You (Recordings From 1957 - 2003), Ron Berry
NBT Records #896, 2004

Anyone who goes to a fleamarket and finds a Ron Berry and the Dreamers 45 rpm record has found a real treasure, but NBT Records of Berkeley Springs did better than that... they found the real thing, Ron Berry himself!! This new release combines Ron's vintage recordings with some of his more recent material. There are 22 tracks, totalling over 50 minutes of great original music.

Ron Berry was born October 12, 1939 in Mariba, Kentucky. Like many of his contemporaries, Ron began performing in church but he was soon drawn to the popular music of the day that was being served up by Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis and Hank Williams. While still a student in high school, Ron laid the first 3 tracks of this CD in 1957 in the studios of WMST radio station in Mt. Sterling Kentucky. These (previously unreleased) tracks were salvaged from old reel to reel tapes.

The decade of the 1960's saw Ron's music released on several small labels including Pixie, Wildwood and Ken-H Records. Some of the songs that Ron composed were released by other artists including "It's My Life" which was recorded by Caroll Whited and released on C&B Records and Donny Bowser released "Any Thing You Want" and "I'm Happy" on Pixie.

I think I only ever saw the tracks from Ron's Ken-H record "I'll Give You All My Love" b/w "Remember Me" on other comps by Buffalo Bop, Rockabilly Gold, Eagle, Lucky and White Label. All others are "new" to me. Both of the above by the way are also included on this compilation.

And what a marvellous compilation this is. Great vintage rockabilly rockers like "I Want You", "My Only Love", "Naughty Girl", and many more. The sound is restored as good as possible, but in no way to be compared with new recordings of nowadays. This is the real thing, rock 'n' roll like it is supposed to be, raw and rocking. The album also includes some wonderful ballads, but also some newly recorded songs that would have better been left out. They can in no way compete with the vintage tracks. Ron is still performing today with the Rock Creek Band.

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This CD is a must for any rockabilly or vintage rock collector and if it is not available in your favorite store you may order it directly from NBT Records.

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Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2004