Hot Rock! Rollin' Miles 
Skinny Records 10" LP SK 1052

The Rollin' Miles took off in February 2002 when three pretty well known cats from the Spanish rockabilly scene with many long years of experience decided to form a new band to play some of their favorite 50s rockin' tunes and a few originals in the wild 50s rockabilly tradition.

The Rollin' Miles have played gigs in Italy, Finland, Holland, France, Portugal and, of course Spain, sharing stages with well known artists such as Ray Campi, Bill Haley's Original Comets, Go Getters, Charlie Gracie, Robert Gordon, and many more. They were also the backing band of the legendary British artist Sandy Ford on his last visit to Spain in April 2003 to play the 1st Hot Rock Weekender.

Apart of their constant work as The Rollin' Miles, Ivan, Jose and Carlos are also the backing band of female singer Anabel in "Anabel & The Rock-A-Bells". This band meant the special comeback to the stage of Anabel Moreno. She was the singer of one of the first bands that tried to get an original 50s sound in Spain: "Los Tornados."

The band's new album "Hot Rock!" is released on a very thick 10" vinyl LP, it feels like you're holding an old 78. Starting off with Johnny Carroll's "Hot Rock", you'll know what's coming to you right away: real gone fast boppin' rockabilly that'll crawl under your skin. Superb slapping and exciting lead breaks. On Narvell Felts' "Foolish Thoughts" the double bass will keep your feet moving. Yes, these guys are original rockabillies with loads of energy.

A great collection of 10 super rockabilly songs (see tracklisting), including a fabulous rendition of Ray Campi's "Caterpillar". No slow songs, no ballads, all fast moving rockabilly tracks, a treat for your ears and definitly a five-star album. Wild man!

In the summer of 2004 I met lead singer & guitar player Carlos at a Robert Gordon gig in Holland, and hey, he's not only a great rocker, he's also a very nice guy! Best regards from Holland Carlos, and keep up the good work.

Hot Rock / Foolish Thoughts / Wild Wild Lover / Devil Woman / I Like your Kinda Love / Mean Little Mama / When my Baby Left Me / Caterpillar / Unclassed Woman / Right Behind You Baby

Contact information:
Rollin' Miles
P.O. Box 3047
47080 - Valladolid, Spain
Phone: ++ 34 636 859 146 

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Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2004