The Rockville Incidents - Lou Cifer & The Hellions
Hellskitchen CD 66602

Yeehaw, another Teddyboy release to review! For me a new Teddyboy album is like a birthday present, still wrapped in giftpaper, and anxcious me tearing apart the sealed plastic with my bare teeth, opening the jewelcase with trembling fingers, slide the platter into the player and crank up that volume to an almost painful volume. Did I mention a cold beer and a cigar? Those are the conditions to fully enjoy the Teddyboy Bop. Ok, maybe a synthetic blonde would also add to the experience, but since I own only a blondhaired dog, I'll stick with the beer and the smokes.

Lou Cifer, every Ted knows Lou Cifer, with or without his Hellions. Lou stands for hefty, greasy and mean Teddyboy stompers in the good old style which Crazy Cavan introduced to us back in medieval times when a man with a quiff still was a rocker and a kitten with a peroxide hairdo still was the ultimate goal in a man's dreams. Besides the beer that is, of course.

This CD is coming to us as "The Ultimate Collection" and yes, I agree. There's a bunch of songs compiled here that's bound to make your greaser heart beat faster and there's also a couple of previously unreleased stuff. Besides the ultimate collection, I dare to say it's also the ultimate weapon against nasty stiff upperlip neighbours. You all know how to use this secret weapon, don't ya?

Dance Of The Teddy Boy / Glad To Be A Ted / Join A (Teddy Boy) Streetgang Today / It's Gotta Be A Ted / Bad Ted Boogie / Gone Are The Days / You Don't Know Nothin' / You'll Never Be A Ted / Devil's Awakening / Evil Hearted / Rockville Stomp / I'm Still Juvenile / Let's All Go Wild / You've Never Been Gone / Bad, Vile, Evil And Mean / If You Ever / A Teddy Boy's Farewell / Teddy Rock / The Legend Lives On, Johnny Reb / Be Boppin' Betty / Tedious Boogie / Millenium Rock / Sideburns / Do You Believe / Tedtoed All Over / How Does It Feel / Rock Like The Devil / Problem Child / Be Boppin' Betty (Alt)

Lou Cifer and the Hellions are:
Lou Cifer - Vocals
Hal Hellion - Guitar
Bill Zebop - Bass
Dave Hill - Drums

Booking & Management
Hellskitchen Totti 

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Reviewed by Uncle_B, 2005