The Rock'n'Roll Remedy, The Tri-Sonics
Raucous Records RAUCD 171

After a 45 rpm and an E.P. this is the first full-blown CD release from The Trisonics. Listening to it the first time immediatly skyrocketed my adrenaline level to dangerous heights. The album opens with a fat rockabilly song, "I May Be Wrong (But It Don't Seem Right)". What first comes to mind is that there's the inevitable resemblance to the Stray Cats. Nothing wrong with that, I love that kind of music, and so do most of you who are reading this review, don't ya? Next one is Bruce Springsteen's "I'm on Fire" but this version had a steroid treatment. Love it! The title song, "Rock'n'Roll Remedy" reveals Derek Singleton's taste for the bluesrock, a superduper uptempo boogie with razor sharp guitar licks. "Mystery Lady" is a magnificent love song with a lot of ear candy (did I hear an arpeggio there?) and twists. Well Done! Track 5 is "Dance The Night Away" originally from the Mavericks. This was a big hit when The Mavericks did it, and allthough it's still a great song in the hands of the Trisonics, I'm not grabbed by this version. "This Bird Will Fly" is a great rocker with again lots of bluesrock influences, cool! Hank Williams'"Move It On Over" turns up as a great rock'n'roller, well I allways liked that song! Next one is "Move On Out", a shakin' little rocker that one can only describe as Rock and Roll! "Gotta Go Lil Doggy" cracks me up. Being a dog owner myself I can relate to the funny situations which Derek describes.

The song "Gypsy Eyes" is a pleasant surprise and unveils that the band is capable of playing different styles: an acoustic line up with a strutting bass swinging drums and a gypsy guitar heavily inspired by Django Reinhardt, the virtuoso gypsy guitar king. To top it off, a gypsy violin is also added, alas not a Graphelli. But all in all, a super song, and a nice sidestep. "This Bird Will Fly (Part II)" sticks a little bit to the feel of the previous song. "Lullaby" starts with the familiar chords and beat of Sleepwalk, (Fm being the chord that triggers my Sleepwalk alarm) but rest assured, it's a jazzy instrumental, very laid back and even a whistler to give it an even more relaxing mood. Very tasty! This superb album concludes with an exploding version of "Slippin' And Sliding". Conclusion? Most of the songs on this CD are self penned and without a doubt these are the best songs on the CD. Overall it's a great album with great songs in different musical (roots) styles performed by a great band. I would absolutely recommend this album!

I May Be Wrong (But It Don't Seem Right) / I'm On fire / Rock'n'Roll Remedy / Mystery Lady / Dance The Night Away / This Bird Will Fly / Move It On Over / Move On Out / Gotta Go Lil' Doggy / Gypsy Eyes / This Bird Will Fly (Part II) / Lullaby / Slippin' And Sliding

The Tri Sonics are:
Derek Singleton - Vocals, Guitar
Barbara Streidl - Upright Bass
Ralf Nickolaus - Drums (has left the band in October 2005)

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Bookings and contact:
Phone: (+49) 0811 95348
Mobile: (+49) 0174 3177807 

Reviewed by Uncle_B, 2005