Looking At The Rock N Roll Casino Era

The past is very rarely just left in the past, people very much life to integrate it into to their present and their future. The 1950s was an era in which the western world started to evolve at a rapid rate. The rockabilly and rock n roll era didnt just change style but it changed the face of music and many places including the Las Vegas Strip. The 1950s was the height of Hollywood glamour where stars like Frank Sinatra, Bill Haley, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn dominated that music and film industry. Places like Hard Rock Caf, are known for its collection of rock and roll memorabilia, where people can go and view some of the biggest items that the 50s were known for.

One popular casino in Las Vegas has still held onto the rock and roll casino era, although Hard Rock was not built in the 50s this casino displays the epitome of the 1950s rock and roll era. If you are a big fan of everything rock and roll, and are travelling to Vegas then Hard Rock is a must place to visit. The casino is an extremely popular gambling hub, and has over 800 slots and video poker machines and 76 tables. If you happen to be a blackjack pro or need extra help practising your blackjack skills there are plenty of guides to help before you go. Although Hard Rock Caf was built in the 90s, Las Vegas in the 1950s took the lead when it came to creating the strip and the casino culture.

The rock and roll era had many influences when it came to inventions, style, music and popular culture. During the 1950s Vegas saw a wave of development and casino were at the forefront of this with the strip seeing new hotels and casino being built each year. The Vegas casinos that were around begin hosting legendary icons including Frank Sinatra, Jerry Lee Lewis, Nat King Cole and Dean Martin. Hard Rock Caf in Vegas still tries to embody this glamour with the various shows that the hotel and casino hosts now.

Las Vegas in the 1950s was a great turning point for the western world and part of that culture is still dominating todays trends. The rock n roll era inspired many, and Elvis Presley very much led the way with that change. Elvis Presley was incredibly popular to those in 1950s Vegas, and since then not much has changed as couples for over 50 years have taken to getting hitched in the Graceland Chapel. It is the most prominent chapels for a wedding in Las Vegas, where Elvis impersonators can perform the ceremony. The idea of a Las Vegas wedding is one of the most appealing wedding ideas to even celebrities. Jon Bon Jovi got married in Vega sin 2001, and then held a concert in the parking lot with 75 other couples who were there to renew their vows. Other famous musicians including Billy ray Cyrus, Aaron Neville and member of popular groups such as Def Lepard, KISS, and The Thompson Twins have also tied the knot in Vegas. Las Vegas is a place where many seek luck, fortune and love, and it is one of the biggest places known for rock and roll culture which is very much alive today, in the modern age.