You Wanted More, Rockin' Ryan & the Real Goners 
Rock It Records 2000 - Golly Gee Records 2003

Get ready for some real gone rock 'n' roll from one of the most authentic rockabilly / rock 'n' roll acts to date. Raised in the hills of North Carolina, Ryan has been playing and singing since he was was a young tot thanks to his family, who has played hillbilly boogie and bluegrass for the last 50 odd years. Now residing in Hollywood, Ryan has hooked up with Jerome (ex Ranch Girls and Tin Stars guitarist), Jack Fire (ex Dominoes and Wild Ones bass player) and Wade Glen on drums for a fantastic sounding band.

Hot and steamy. That's what this CD is all about. You wanted more wild rock 'n' roll? Well, that's just what you're gonna get! First track is the selfpenned "Old Speedy Pete", authentic rockabilly to get you in the mood. And if you think this is speedin' it up, you just wait! Things get better, Johnny Jano's "She's My Baby" is next, still warming you up a little. The Real Goners are really getting in the mood with the original "Flirty Mae". A real gone (it's quite obvious how the band got it's name) track with distorted lead guitar, a raving rhythm and great lyrics. This what rockabilly is all about these days. "She's Mine" gives you a chance to catch your breath before boppin' along with Sagat's "Gettin' Lowdown on You" or Blue's real fast "Get off My Back". Danny Dill's "Hungry for Your Lovin" is coming on real fast and must be one of the best versions I heard so far. Other originals like "Hot on Your Trail" and "Ain't No Lovin" prove that this gang can also write their own songs pretty damn good, followed by some fast paced rockabilly in "Mr. Ducktail" and "Big Foot Anne". Last is a great closer titled "Don't Ya Hear Me Knockin" and that's the end of it... pfeww.

This platter will keep you sizzled long after your CD player quits on it and it will rock you again every next time you play it. This is one hell of a record. Track 1 thru 8 were recorded by Mark Neill at Soil of the South Productions (San Diego, CA) and songs 9 thru 12 were recorded by no-one less than Deke Dickerson for Eccofonic Records (Burbank, CA). Real gone!

Re-release includes 18 previously unissued Live & Lowdown tracks !!

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Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2001