It's Sociabillywoprock Time, Rockin' Henri
TCY Records, TCY-008


It's very hard to be unique and even more difficult to be original. However songwriter Rockin' Henri added his own chapter to rock & roll (according to the words of drummer legend Bob Burgos) and called it Sociabillywoprock: a mixture of rockabilly, doowop and plain vintage (styled) rock & roll with a focus on social themed lyrics. He sings about a girl in the wheelchair, a young lady with cancer, a woman who's dying, a man who's lonesome, a boy who did a crime, the nonsense of a dating site, a tribute to mom and dad, being a rebel, being an editor for a magazine, that being healthy is a privilege etc. Not the usual topics for a rock & roll songwriter. However it's not "dark" music, but fresh rock & roll. Rockin' Henri likes to touch other's hearts with catchy lyrics. Recognition is the main word. Sociabillywoprock actually is a mix of lustre music and party music. It's kinda laughing with a tear, you know.

This exceptionel project, Rockin' Henri's debut album, has been supported by no less than drummer legend Bob Burgos (from "Rockabilly Rebel" Matchbox (and other bands) fame). He not just wrote wonderful extraordinary words, also an unreleased song of him has been included on the album. As kinda thank you Rockin' Henri sung his song Santa's Got Your Letter (Bob previously recorded with Shotgun, which Rockin' Henri had the proud of to present in 2006 at the Dutch Teddyboy Festival, but that never had been recorded by another act before). The only other cover on the album being The Night Comes To An End, also first cover, from Dutch rock & roll number one duo, René Shuman & Angel-Eye (four hit records!).
Rockin' Henri has been accompanied by some professional state of the art bands like Rock-A-Tones from Berlin (made up of members of The Round Up Boys, Ike & The Capers and Cherry Casino & The Gamblers) and Letzebillies from Luxembourg/Germany (made up of members from Ten Strike and Little John & The Cadillacs).

The recordings all have been recorded live (without dubbing or studio tricks). Rockin' Henri has never rehearsed before with the bands prior to the recordings. All arrangements being spontaneous and fresh! It shows the craftsmanship of the involved people. This is true honest rock & roll, baby!
The album with 29 songs of which 26 are self penned by Rockin' Henri, contains a 32 page full color booklet which is unique in every sense of the word. You'll find the lyrics of all the songs including even why they were written. A puzzle made up by the songwriter himself to bring you back to the roots of rock & roll, the roots that were the inspiration for him and other rockers around the globe, so that they were able to make this music called rock & roll.

Rockin' Henri's song advisor to show you which songs to select when being in a specific mood. Or what do you think of a chapter about songwriting? You'll find it all in the booklet.

The album including booklet have been released by a Swiss label: TCY Records. TCY stands for Taking Care of Yourself and that's what Rockin' Henri did. But Rockin' Henri also cares of you! Rockin' Henri is not the usual glamour rocker, no, he's the boy next door rocker. A sentimental rocker. Your rock & roll buddy! Take him into your heart and support his mission to bring vintage rock & roll back into the spotlights.

The album is an international project as are the topics of the songs. They're borderless. Rock & roll never has been so close!

World Premiere!
Backside of Rockin' Henri's social themed album It's Sociabillywoprock Time! also available in braille. First time a non-blind artist releases a CD with braille text! The other only artist being the blind tenor Andrea Bocelli with his album Amore (2006).

Thanks for your attention and willingness to read these words. Your rock & roll buddy, Rockin' Henri.

Santa's Got Your Letter / Tastes Are Different / I'm No Macho Man / You're A Hardworking Woman / The Night Comes To An End / Cliniclown Song / It's Dating Time / Tomorrow Never Will Come / Take Care Of Yourself / Watery Eyes / Runaway From Duties / The Girl With The (Zodiac) Sign / You Made My Day / That Picture / Why Do You Hurt The One You Love / Mom And Dad / Where Were You When I Needed You / In My Dreams / I Got A Girl Named Gretsch / It's All Rock & Roll / Girl In The Wheelchair / Rockin' Magazine / I'm Mr. Lonely / Meine Kleine Spende / Mijn Leven Ging Aan Mij Voorbij / Ich Bin Kein Schleimer / Being Healthy Is A Privilege / White Cadillac / Benson Boogie

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Press Release, 2008
Used with permission