I Feel Nervous, Rockin' Daddys
Crazy Times Music, RD 1-04

Well, here we have a relatively recent band from France. Born in the spring of 2001, their first concert took place in September of that same year. Later, in January 2003, they appeared on German RTL Television. In the spring of 2004 they recorded this CD, their first album, "I Feel Nervous". It contains lots of covers of classic songs from our rockabilly heroes (Crazy Cavan, Johnny Burnette, Carl Perkins, Vince Taylor, Crepes 'n' Drapes, etc.) along with three pretty good originals.

These cats have played with the best (Crazy Cavan, Ray Campi, Sonny Burgess), so you won't be surprised when you listen to this awesome collection of Teddy Boy Rock 'n' Roll. And if you see them live on stage, you won't be confounded either: the hairstyle, the drapes, the two-tone shoes. These wildcats are teddyboys from their heads down to their toes. And believe me, the way Thierry and Vincent play their guitars is something you don't want to miss. Which doesn't mean that Michel and Jean are far behind with the drums and bass. On the contrary, they are the best complement you could ask for. So, if you love Teddyboy music, run off and get this platter. And if you don't, get it anyway, you might just fall in love with it after all.

Boogie Bop Dame / I Feel N..N..Nervous / Gone, Gone, Gone / Caroline / Rocky Road Blues / Rockabilly Boogie / Bop Till You Drop / Tennessee Border / Brand New Cadillac / Tore apart / I've Lost My Sunshine /R ock With Me, Baby / Puttin' On The Style / Bop Pretty Baby

Rockin' Daddys are:
Thierry - Vocals & Guitar
Vincent - Guitar
Michel - Bass
Jean - Drums

Contact information:
Rockin' Daddys
"La Bazenne"
42560 Lavieu
Phone: +33 684 104 322

Crazy Times Music
B.P. 1070 Perpignan
Moulin Vent 66103
Phone/Fax: +33 468 55 37 17

Reviewed by Boppinjack, 2005