Still Rockin' Around The Clock, The Original Comets
Rollin' Rock CD-103

Incredible.. 45 years (yes, that's almost half a century!) after the first release of "Rock Around The Clock", The Comets still have it! To find out what "it" is, you must get your own copy of this fantastic Rollin' Rock release. It will take but one spin to find out that "it" is what rock 'n' roll is all about..

Rockin' Ronnie did it again.. How he got the original Comets back together in his Vegas based Rollin' Rock studios is a miracle to me, but he did it, and the result is astonishing. "Still Rockin' Around The Clock, The Original Band" is a work of art that will get just about everyone on their feet. Many of Bill Haley's originals are re-recorded and present on this platter. Track listing below. Jacko Buddin is doing a real nice job on Bill's vocals. Here's what Bob Timmers (Rockabilly Hall Of Fame) wrote about this CD in RaB-HoF public mailinglist:

Absolutely, pos-o-tootly the best CD to come out on Rollin' Rock yet. What a sound! Every song is a work of art! A must CD for everyone. I've played it three times and am wearin' out my carpet tappin' my feet on the floor. I think Ronny should have placed a warning on the label: "Listening to this CD may cause your blood pressure to raise 50 points." But what a way go....
[End Quote]

Liner notes:
It was a beautiful July summer day in the Italian beach resort town of Focette, near Viareggio. The year was 1957, and it just happened to be my birthday. For my birthday present my mother gave me two 78rpm records of Bill Haley & The Comets. She also gave me my first pair of blue-jeans. They were too long, so my mother told me to turn the cuffs up like the teenagers in America do. And those teenagers got the idea from the Texas cowboys they saw in the movies. I only remember three of the songs on those 78's: "Rock Around The Clock", "Thirteen Women" and "Mambo Rock". (The fourth song might have been "Birth Of The Boogie", or "Razzle Dazzle").

In Focette we were staying at a "pensione" (an Inn that is), and in the dining room area they kept a record player on which they played songs by Perry Como, Claudio Villa, Frank Sinatra, etc. Nice stuff, but no big deal. But as soon as I spinned those Haley waxies, my jaw dropped, my hair stood up straight, and the pulsating Big Beat took over my body and soul! Rock 'n' Roll had arrived. Things would never be the some again. Blue-jeans & Rock 'n' Roll: I had now become truly AMERICAN, even though I had never set foot in the States yet.

The sound on those Bill Haley records was unique: it was really joyous, with a prominent slappin' bass, and the rimshots on the drums augmented that swingin' beat to the ultimate rockin' ecstasy! Little would I know that 42, yes, FORTY TWO years later, these same talented guys who played on those early Bill Haley records, would be standing in my office/studio recording those same songs for Rollin' Rock Records!

Before the session started I was a bit nervous, because I did not want the "Rollin' Rock Sound" to take away from, or interfere with, "The Comets' Sound", but I feel things worked out well! Indeed the "Rollin' Rock Sound" is flexible enough to accommodate different styles, whether it's Ray Campi, Narvel Felts, Rip Carson, Mack Stevens, Dragstrip 77 or The Comets: they all have their own individual styles, and yet there is a common excitement, a common exuberance, there is The Big Beat with a lot of Soul...

We re-recorded "Rock Around The Clock", the biggest-selling record of all time (over 200 million copies sold!) And what's so outstanding is that, after having heard these songs already a thousand times over the last forty years, they still sound as fresh and as exciting today, as they did 42 years ago. The guys still have all the energy, all the freshness and all the spark they had half a century ago!

The guys are:
Joey D'Ambrosio, Saxophone
Franny Beecher, Guitar
Johnny Grande, Piano
Marshall Lytle, Bass
Dick Richards, Drums

Jacko Buddin talking on the Bill Haley vocals and a special appearance by Max Daffner (ex-Jodimars), who was so kind to let us use his authentic 1950s drums, playing drums himself on numbers 8 & 15...

In addition to being Rock 'n' Roll super-legends, The Comets are the friendliest and most enthusiastic cats you'll ever meet. Their youthful exuberance and enthusiasm was evident all through out their recording session: you could see how much fun they were having, and how excited they were about this whole thing, almost like they were kids in a candy store!

I guess this positive gung-ho attitude must be one of the secrets of their success, perennial teenagers perhaps! My wife Laurie found the whole experience extremely uplifting, and so did I.

It's astounding to see men in their sixties and seventies rock harder and kick more ass than 90% of the young bands out there! As Marshall Lytle would say: "You're Never Too Old To Rock"! Indeed!!  -- Rockin' Ronny Weiser, 1999 --


Rock Around The Clock / See You Later Alligator / Rock A Beatin' Boogie / Hey Baba Reba / Shake Rattle & Roll / Mambo Rock / The House Is Rockin' / Let's All Rock Together / R-O-C-K / Birth Of The Boogie / Joe's Rockin' / Crazy Man Crazy / Rock The Joint / Goofin' Around / Wonderful World / The Saints Go Rock 'n' Roll

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