Rock Around The EEC Vol. 1, Various Artists
Empire Records EMP-CD-103

If you are looking for Rock'n'Roll or Rockabilly music, Europe is the place to be nowadays. Of course it all started way back in the fifties in the USA with the likes of Elvis Presley, Bill Haley, Gene Vincent, Eddie Cochran and Buddy Holly, but today there is much more Rock'n'Roll on the Old Continent. That has everything to do with the fact that Europe is getting more and more united. Well, economically and politically that doesn't always work out for the best yet, but for Rock'n'Roll it's a blessing. Trading records and visiting festivals has become a lot easier and when the Berlin Wall came down in 1989 there were whole new areas to explore for both East and West. Last year a new record label named "Empire Records" started off as a cooperation between Rock'n'Roll enthusiasts from different countries, and it can therefor be called the first European label, with offices in Finland, Spain, Netherlands and The United Kingdom. They took on the challenge of releasing a collection of Rock'n'Roll and Rockabilly music from each and every country in Europe. At this point, that goal hasn't been reached yet, but as you may have noticed, this album is titled "Rock Around the EEC, Volume 1". Volume 2 is therefor inevitable, the quest for more great rockin' music goes on even when you are reading this.

What's already on this volume is not just a gathering of homebrew records, it's the cream of the crops. Starring some of the greatest European bands from today like Li'l Esther & The Tin Stars, Spo-Dee-O-Dee, Ronnie Nightingale & The Haydocks, The Firebirds, Fireball Steven, Go!DaddyO, Marco Di Maggio, Mad Men, Mystery Gang Trio and many many more. Bands that have earned great respect over the years touring, not only in their own country, but many parts of Europe too, gathering extatic crowds on all the international festivals like Hemsby (U.K.), Screamin' Festival (Spain), Rumburk Rumble (Czech Republic), Rock'n'Roll Jamboree (Finland), Brandenburger Meeting (Germany), Teddy Boy Fest (Holland), the list is endless. Politics in Europe may be slow, but the cats and kittens are rockin' real fast, so let's make our continent a United Rockin' Europe, starting with this album "Rock Around the EEC". Enjoy!

Empire Benelux (Benelux & Central Europe)
PO Box 264
4380 AG Vlissingen
The Netherlands 

Liner notes by:
Marijn 'The BlackCat' Raaijmakers, 2005