Gene Summers - Rockaboogie Shake
Roller Coaster RCCD 3035

In my hands I have maybe the most complete Gene Summers compilation ever released, the best looking one for sure, this set of 35 tracks is based on a another compilation released in 1997 in the USA by Crystal Clear Sound from Dallas, Texas. In order to offer the Rockabilly side of Summers the pals at Roller Coaster have excluded some of the songs from the 60's originally released by Crystal Clear and which won't be missed by the Rockabilly lovers and have added 14 unreleased tracks that are partly songs from the 50's and mostly different versions of Nervous, Twixteen, Fancy Dan and others, plus a few recordings from the early 80's made in England with the best Rockabilly musicians of the moment backing Summers.

The presentation of the CD on a cardboard open out sleeve cannot be better; filled with cool pictures and a 28 page booklet in the fabulous line of the latest Rollercaster Records releases , the Rolapak rules again! A must have.

Carlos Diaz, Rock Therapy Magazine 1999