Rockabilly Vampire, Ralph Rebel
Golly Gee Records GGR1004
 Ralph Rebel - Big Town Boogie
 Ralph Rebel - Rockabilly Vampire
 The Rebel Rockers - Red T-Bird

The reknowned Long Island Rockabilly rebel guitarist, Ralph Rebel, lays down some of the rawest scorchin' Rockabilly and Rock 'n' Roll recorded in recent history. Backed by local Rockabilly veterans Tony Palumbo on upright bass, Wild Bill Piscitello on drums and Crispy Chicken on sax this platter is destined to become a cult classic. This ain't exaggeration!

Modern rockabilly gets a whole new meaning with Ralph Rebel picking the strings. Sit back, relax and be aware of heart attacks. Starting off with the title song "Rockabilly Vampire", this is not your average easy listening! Awesome hot new rockabilly with Ralph spanking his lead guitar on this uptempo neo-rockabilly track. You will have to press "pause" after the first track to get your act together!

The second killer is titled "Cripsy Chicken", and it's a mix of hardcore neo and old time rock 'n' roll. It's Chris Laybourne's sax that's giving this instrumental it's own sound and dimension. "Red Hot Mama" is actually an authentic 50s style rockabilly song, but played very rough with a thumping slapp beat and a little distortion on the lead guitar. Not for the faint-hearted, this red hot rocking song will echo through your head a long time.

"Rock 'n' Roll Zombie" isn't new to Ralph, he recorded it before on "Red T-Bird" when he played lead for The Rebel Rockers. This time, of course, it's a bit wilder, and to be honest, it sounds a lot better than the Red T-Bird version. By the way, Tony Palumbo (bass) was also a member of The Rebel Rockers, so this is kind of a reunion album.

Most songs on this platter are written by the man himself, but if you listen to "Old Poor Boy", you'll notice that it's a copy of "One's All The Law Will Allow" (supposedly written by L. Royer, whoever he is) from The Planet Rockers. "51 Chevy" has that beautiful mix again of authentic rockabilly and neo-sound, like we heard on "Crispy Chicken". This goes for "Wild Wild Party" too, the distortion on Ralph's guitar which really revs up the song, this is uptempo 50s rockabilly, great track.

"Tennessee Mama" is an instrumental song, no saxes this time, with a rockabilly rhythm, followed by a few awesome covers: Link Davis' classic "Sixteen Chicks", Ronnie Dawson's "Knock Down Drag Out" and Brian Setzer's "Rev It Up And Go". The album was produced by Ralph Rebel himself and engineered by Chris Laybourne. Their teamwork resulted in an absolutely fabulous sound and a great mix of authentic 50s and modern rockabilly. Long Island rocks!

Introducing the band:
Ralph Rebel - Guitars
Wild Bill Piscitello - Drums
Chris Laybourne - Sax
Tony "Driveway" Palumbo - Stand Up Bass

Contact information:
Golly Gee Records, Inc.
4001 Kennett Pike, Suite 134, #520
Greenville, DE 19807

Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2001