Rockabilly Rumble, Killer Rockabilly  
Golly Gee & Racous Records, 2002/2004

Since the fast upcoming of the Internet, the world is a smaller place. Was there a European Rockabilly Scene and a U.S. Rockabilly Scene in the eighties, now we have the World Rockabilly Scene! I think that's what Mel Spinella (U.S. based Golly Gee Records) and Howard Raucous (U.K. based Raucous Records) must have been thinkin' too when they reached out to each other all the way across the big pond, and joined forces to release the best of both worlds on a super rockabilly sampler series "Rockabilly Rumble".

This is rarely seen in the music scene, but Mel and Howard proved once and for all that they need not be competitors in the record business, but they might as well work together to keep rock 'n' roll alive and kicking in the new millenium. Of course, it also gives American rockabillies a chance to learn more about European rockabilly and vise versa, if they hadn't already by way of the Internet.

The "Rockabilly Rumble" albums are samplers in the truest sense of the word. They contain some of THE best rockabilly music, previously released on other Golly Gee & Raucous albums. Many of these albums have been reviewed before on BlackCat Rockabilly Europe, so I'll present you with a link table to give you the opportunity to read all about these killer releases:

And that's not all, not by a long shot. On the first issue there's also: The Wildkatz (Pink 'n' Black), The Rebel Rockers (Red T-Bird), The Jive Romeros (Bim Bam!), Ralph Rebel (Big Town Boogie), Union Avenue (Ace Of Spades), The Preachers (Rock You Sinners), Tennessee Trio (Track Down Baby), The Dagmars (We Are The Dagmars & We Rule The World), The Arousers (Princes Of Penetration) and The Riverside Trio (Gotta Keep Movin').

On Rockabilly Rumble Deuce we also find: 69Beavershot (Ready To Rock), Honeydippers (Cadillac Style), Rip Carson (Cause Of It All, Come On), Jeff Potter (Teaching My Baby To Drive), The Cat Pack (Swing This Cat), Ramshackle Daddies (Better Not Go), '52 Pickup (Singin' Along With The Jukebox), Drugstore Cowboys (Game Over), Big Boy Pete (Tornado), Rhythm Bound (Born To Love You), Farrell Bros. (Breakin' Out Of Here).

Did I get your attention yet? Not one poor or mediocre track here on these albums, this is all top notch rock 'n' roll, very well compiled by Mel & Howard. If you can afford it, go get all the Golly Gee and Raucous albums, if not... then "Rockabilly Rumble"  is your best alternative!

Golly Gee Records, Inc.
4001 Kennett Pike, Suite 134, #520
Greenville, DE 19807

Raucous Records
7, St. Peters Place
Fleetwood, Lancashire
FY7 6EB England 

Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2002/2004