Rockabilly Rules! The King Drapes
Raucous Records, RAUCD 164

If you like Teddyboy style music, this is definitely for you. Most of you rockers may already know this band from Finland. Straight forward Teddyboy Rock'n'Roll. That's what they do. For those of you who don't know the King Drapes, I'll tell you that everything started out back in 1992-1993. In the very beginning, the band members were Anu-Katja, Sami and Markku Salminen (who still collaborates sometimes playing the saxophone). They were named 'King Drapes' back in 1997. Before that, the name of the band was 'Crazy Lee'. They've played gigs mostly throughout Finland and Sweden although they've also been booked for gatherings outside their land, like for instance UK's Teddyboy Weekender.

You can find some of their tracks in compilations such as "1,2,3,4 Listen To The Teddyboy Roar" (Fury Records) or "Friday Nite Rumble Volume 4" (Run Wild Records). They've also issued an EP ("Cat on the Roof) on King Ed Records (1998), an LP ("My Rocker") on Castle Records (2000) and another CD ("King Drapes Stomp") on Racous Records (2003). Some works were released on Crazy Lee Records sung both in Finish and English under the name "Anu & the King Drapes".

Anu-Katja's voice is pretty melodic and sexy, yet wild when necessary. And both her guitar and Sami's along with the drums, wisely beaten by Rami, make for a terrific session of Teddyboy music at its best. Except for three covers ('Hello Stranger', 'Gunning for the Dog' and 'Rockabilly Rules OK!'), most of the tracks on this CD are written and composed by Anu-Katja Savolainen (vocals and bass) and some by Sami Savolainen (guitar and backing vocals). All of them are quite fast paced except for "Bluest Blue", "Fallin' Down" and "To the Wanderers" in which you can fully appreciate Anu-Katja's awesome voice. "Human Torpedo" is strictly instrumental.

As for the covers, "Rockabilly Rules OK" is very well done (although it's a hard task to beat Crazy Cavan), the same with "Gunning for the Dog" (I really love with Matchbox's original, what can I say?) but they've done a fantastic job. The King Drapes redition of "Hello Stranger" (also on their LP "My Rocker") is impeccable. All in all a fantastic album, go get it, give it a spin (or more) at full volume and enjoy!


Tracks listing:
Flyin' Wheel / Yes, I Care / Bluest Blue / Ranger / Human Torpedo / Hello Stranger / Best of Wines / Cat on the Roof / Fallin' Down / Gunning for the Dog / Paint Red & Rose / Rockabilly Rules OK / She Knew / To the Wanderers / Everybody's Movin'

The King Drapes are:
Anu-Katja Savolainen - Vocals & Bass Guitar
Sami Savolainen - Guitar & Backing Vocals
Rami Laine - Drums, Percussion & Backing Vocals

Additional musicians:
Juha Schali: Drums on "Hello Stranger", "Cat on the Roof" and "She Knew"
Markku Salminen: Saxophone on "Paint Red & Rose"
Ari Berghall: Bass guitar on "Bluest Blue" and "To the Wanderers"
Jussi Peltonen: Bass guitar on "She Knew"
Keno: Keyboards on "Ranger"

Contact information:
Sami Savolainen
Bockabergintie 79
21600 Parainen
Tel: +358 (0)505440282 

Raucous Records
7, St. Peters Place
Fleetwood, Lancashire
FY7 6EB England 

Reviewed by Boppinjack, 2005