Proud Of My Rockabilly Roots, Alvis Wayne
Rollin' Rock CD 110

Alvis Wayne Samford (born December 31, 1937 in Puduka, Texas) originally had four records out on the Kansas City, Missouri, based Westport label in the 50s and some 45s on Rollin' Rock in the 70s. Last year Ronny Weiser issued the first full length CD of this Texas rockabilly legend on his Las Vegas based Rollin' Rock label. We now write 2001, and the second Alvis Wayne Rollin' Rock album titled "Proud of my Rockabilly Roots" just dropped on my doormat. I still enjoy the "Rockabilly Daddy" CD very much and Alvis, goin' on 64, still has a fabulous voice, so I have high hopes for this new release. I'll give it a spin right away and comment on what I hear pounding through my living room.

Original Texas rockabilly is what this platter hits off with. Ernest Tubb's "Thanks A Lot", with great slapping of Dragstrip 77's Fernando Andres Lopez, chivers down my spine already, and this is only the first track!  #3 "You Better Take My Life" was written by Mack Stevens, who also has his home at the Rollin' Rock studios, while #4 "Touch Me" came from the pen of Alvis himself. The title track "Proud of my Rockabilly Roots" was written by Alvis' wife Fritzie Samford. Great guitar licks by Billy Disonante of Mack Stevens' Hardcore Texas Cats.

Next is a triple tribute to Johnny Horton. Not only is Alvis a big fan of Johnny, he also has the perfect voice for Johnny's honky tonk songs, as he proved before on his first album with "One Woman man". "Hooray for the Difference", "Sugar Coated Love" and "I'm Ready If You're Willing" are all equally perfect gems. Billy Walker's Texas ballad "Cross The Brazos At Waco" is sung with great sadness in Alvis' voice on this western drama. Jimmy Reed's "Shame Shame Shame" (also recorded by another Texas legend, Sleepy LaBeef) sounds great as ever, as does Marvin Benefield's "Don't Go" (although I must admit that I can't remember ever hearing the original). #13 is another self penned track titled "One More Teardrop", a slow paced rockabilly ballad, the kind we know best from Johnny Cash and the album closes with a fabulous version of Jimmy Murphy's "That First Guitar of Mine".

This album is a worthy follow up of "Rockabilly Daddy"; Texas music, Texas roots and Texas songs that give tribute to the original sound of Johnny Horton, Billy Walker and Ernest Tubb in Alvis Wayne's destinctive vocal style, backed by the very best musicians from the Ronny's Rollin' Rock stables. A-plus!

Thanks A Lot - Going Down To The River - You Better Take My Life - Touch Me - Proud Of My Rockabilly Roots - Hooray For The Difference - Sugar Coated Love - I'm Ready If You're Willing - Cross The Brazos At Waco - Watcha Doin' After School - Shame Shame Shame - Don't Go - One More Teardrop - That First Guitar of Mine

Alvis Wayne is backed by:
Billinghurst 'Billy' Disonante - All Guitars, Piano
Fernando Anders Lopez - Slapping Bass
Joe Perez - Drums
Jorge Harada - Guitar on "Shame Shame Shame"

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Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2001