Billy Adams Helps to Stir Up a Rockabilly Riot!
Sanctuary/BMG Records

It is called by some: "a collection of the most essential rockabilly recordings by the greatest artists in the history of rock 'n' roll." Blender Magazine gave the album five stars and called it "The Greatest Rockabilly Compilation Ever."

Roots-rock pioneer Billy Adams is included on the new Sanctuary/BMG Records compilation, Rockabilly Riot, set to be released on September 23rd, 2003. Adams' signature tune, "Rock, Pretty Mama" is featured on the collection, along with songs from major figures of rock 'n' roll, including Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy Orbison, and others. This is only the latest chapter in the amazing story of a song, and it's singer, who just refuse to go away.

Adams recorded "Rock, Pretty Mama" in 1955, and it was later released as the B-side of Quincy Records single #932, in 1957. With only around 500 copies pressed, it was not exactly destined to become a big seller. The song received virtually no airplay, and soon it passed largely unnoticed into obscurity. In most cases, that would have been the end of the story. But "Rock, Pretty Mama" just keeps resurfacing. Consistently, every few years since it was first issued, "Rock, Pretty Mama" has managed to turn up on many independent and major label releases all around the world. On Rockabilly Riot, it is placed in the most rarified company yet, alongside superstar artists from the dawn of rock 'n' roll. The longevity of "Rock Pretty Mama" and it's writer and singer Billy Adams, are indeed unique in a business that is notorious for quickly disposing of hot new "stars" and their "flavor-of-the-moment" songs.

The Rockabilly Riot compilation CD will further expose Billy Adams and "Rock, Pretty Mama" to new generations of music lovers, and add to his ever-expanding fanbase and touring schedule. Musicologist Colin Escott sums it up best in the liner notes of Rockabilly Riot: "Billy Adams is now one of the great exponents of rockabilly from the golden era, in demand at clubs and festivals worldwide."

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