Rockabilly Rarities Series, Various Artists
YEAAH! (Almafame)

Here's another great series for you from YEAAH! Records, the company that also released the Teen Town U.S.A. and Doo Wop Desirables. A very well packaged rockabilly series, with extensive liner notes and containing a treasure of original obscure rockabilly from the fifties and early sixties. There are many rockabilly series available nowadays, official releases as well as bootlegs, so if you are a collector of original fifties rockabilly, you may want to take a look at the tracklistings first (click on the cover images), because there is some overlap with other series, such as Bison Bop, Buffalo Bop, That'll Flat Git It and Rockabilly Gold. Also, this Rockabilly Rarities series has been previously released in the U.S. on Lost Gold Records titled "Original Historic Rockabilly Classics".  Volume one was also previously released as "$15,000 Worth Of Rockabilly" (Spin Records).

If you are new to collecting rare rockabilly, of if you never purchased the other series in the past, this is a real good collection to start out with. Or maybe you're just one of those guys who wants it all (like me :-). Every CD includes a small booklet with lots of information about the songs and artists, including a complete list with writer credits and label info. The sound quality is as good, or even better, than can be expected and it surely beats bootleg series like Rockabilly Gold.

This series was previously released in the U.S. on Lost Gold Records.

Also available from Almafame: Teen Town U.S.A.!

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Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2001