The Rockabilly Kid, Rory Justice
Golly Gee Records GGR 1031

OCTOBER 2004: Our new vinyl 45 just came out on Jamboree Records, "Sugar Mama" b/w "I Wonder If You Wonder". So be sure to grab a copy for yourself sometime in the near future. We are also gonna appear in a West Coast Ramble music documentary. It was filmed at Memories Swing Dance Club and there was quite a turn out. We have a brand new set list full of originals & just a few rare covers. There's something for everyone to enjoy. Lastly we's like to thank all of our supporting fans who have come to the shows, bought the albums & who have helped to make this all possible.

Rory Justice was born not so very long ago (hence his nick name "The Rockabilly Kid") on June 13, 1989 in Long Beach, California. He started playing guitar at the young age of 8 years old. At age 11 he was one of the guitarists in his dads band "The Rockaholics". At 13 he performed his first solo show backed by C.C. Jeromes band "The Silver Jets", opening for Robert Gordon at the Doll Hut. He was then pegged with the moniker "The Rockabilly Kid". Since then, among the legends he's opened for have been, Billy Lee Riley, Gene Summers, Glen Glenn, Johnny Powers, Joe Clay, Levi Dexter, Ray Campi. He's also had two shows in Vegas and one at the Hollywood Paladium. Along with all the shows, Golly Gee Records released three live recordings he performed at the Moon Eyes car show along with his partner in crime Rockin' Ryan.

Now 14 years old, Rory released his first full length CD, recorded at Joey's Place, former location of the world famous Electro-Vox studios in Hollywood, California, distributed by Golly Gee Records. Fifteen rockin' tunes backed by Luis Ramos, Rip Carson, Omar Romero, Ricky McCann and two songs with his dad, Crash Justice.

Although this album consist mainly of cover versions of songs that are rather well known to the rockabilly crowd, it's just great to hear the younger generation pickin' up on our music, and lovin' every bit of it. Rory performs the songs with an enourmous amount of energy, and without exaggerating, he's got one heck of a band backing him up. The choice of the songs that are covered on this album is pretty neat. These are all songs that any rockabilly fan can play time and time again, originally done by the best of the rockabilly originators like Gene Summers, Hayden Thompson, Jimmy Wages, Johnny Powers, Eddie Cochran, Glen Glenn, Jackie Lee Cochran, Dean Beard, Charlie Feathers, Ray Smith, Ray Harris, Johnny Burnette Trio and Charlie Rich.

Also included are two self-penned songs titled "Life In A Bottle" and "We're Here". Both very strong rockabilly songs, written by Crash and Rory. I definitly think father and son should do some more writing together. Sparks fly off of this entire album, recorded 100% live. Superb 50s style rockabilly by a new generation. Excellent!

The line-up:
Rory Justice - Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitar
Rip Carson - Lead Guitar, 6-String Bass, Upright Bass
Ricky McCann - Drums
Luis Ramos - Lead & Rhythm Guitar
Crash Justice - Vocals on #4 & #15
Omar Romero - Upright Bass, Guitar on #2

School Of Rock 'n Roll / Fairlane Rock / Mad Man / Waitin For You / I'm Ready / Blue Jeans And A Boy's Shirt / Hip Shakin' Mama / Life In A Bottle / Rock Around The Town / Tongue Tied Jill / Jitterbuggin' Baby / Come On Little Mama / Tear It Up / Rebound

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Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2004