Rockabilly Gospel, The Pioneers 
Golly Gee Records GGR 1042

Many influential artists from Hank Williams to Elvis Presley, Roy Acuff to Johnny Cash, have written and sung songs about life's many trials and tribulations and how the Lord has guided them through their dark times. The Pioneers is a Christian Rockabilly band from Orange County, California, who has taken on that spirit - only with an edge.

After years of being away from the rockabilly scene, Brian Bent, lead singer of The Pioneers, was ready to step back into a new life of rockabilly, only this time lead by God. As the worship band at Brian's church, The Hotrod Church for Sinners, The Pioneers have been rocking for over three years at church services, car shows, and festivals around California, playing their own hopped-up style of gospel rockabilly.

With Rockabilly Gospel, their first release on Golly Gee Records, The Pioneers combine a smooth rockabilly sound, with lyrics that glorify the Lord. If you love the Lord, and have been looking for some hopped-up Christian rockabilly music, this album will re-awaken your senses. I was raised a Christian myself, but I must confess that I'm not a practicing church member anymore. I can tell you though, if they played rockabilly music like this in our local church, I might reconsider.

And although these songs carry a message, they are very terrific rockabilly first. Fast but authentic rockabilly music, recorded live to analog tape in Mark Neil's "Soil of the South" studio. Joined by studio musicians Rip Carson and Craig Packham, Brian Brent is set out to rock your socks off. All 12 songs are originals, written by Brian himself, and all lyrics are included in the beautiful 8-page inlay.

Songs like "Rockabilly Gospel", "Rat Rod" and "Me And My Lord And My Hot Rod Ford" (cool title) will ponder in your mind a long time after the music has stopped. That is, if you want it to stop... because like me, you just might get the urge to play this album over and over again.

Rockabilly Gospel / Why Do We Do It / Rat Rod / Ride, Ride, Ride / Born Again / He / Johnny / God Loves The Outlaw / Fordamatic / Praise Your Name / Me And My Lord And My Hot Rod Ford / Ride To Glory

The Pioneers are:
Brian Bent - Vocals, Guitar
Rip Carson - Upright Bass
Craig Packham - Drums, Percussion 

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Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2005