Rockabilly Done Right, Fireball Steven
Fireball Records 1956

The new Fireball Steven project fully lives up to the expectations. Raw, unpolished and authentic roots rockabilly. Primal rock experts Ace Brown and The Helldivers do a splendid job adding to the authentic feel of this album. These are recordings Fireball Steven did from 2000 till 2004 on several locations, ranging from Wild Hare's New Hope Studio in the USA to a session in his own livingroom. There's even a unique recording from Nic Nilsson when he was a fourteen year old lad, belching out his first ever selpenned rocker, taped with a cassette recorder. Nice to hear how his voice has improved over the years. These tracks are added as bonus tracks and are introduced by Nic himself. There's a tip-top selection of guest musicians contributing to make this a CD that deserves a top drawer spot in your rockabilly collection: Roc Larue, (yes, the one and only), forementioned Ace Brown and The HellDivers, The charming Rockin' Irene with her bullfiddle, Wild Hare's own Dave Moore and The Saddle Palls to name a few. Of course there's also Nic's own band, The Hale Bops!

All in all a great album, and I could write a lot more about it, but I suggest you listen to it yourself because if you give it a spin, you'll find out that it doesn't needs my words to convince you that this is a great CD.

Reviewed by Uncle_B, 2005

Rheumatism Baby / Restless Baby / Give Me Lovin / Why Worry / she's Cool / My heart Holds a Picture / of You / Endless Road / Have I told you Lately / Can't See My Baby Tonight / The Ride / Rhythm Bop / Hot Rod Daddy / Annie / No More / Tease Me Squeeze Me / Jessie / Bonus tracks Bubblegum Under my Shoes / Bubblegum Under my Shoes take 2

Fireball Steven (Nic Nilsson)
Rockin' Irene

Ace Brown and The Helldivers:
Ace Brown, Johnny Bones, Dave Moore

The Sterling Cowboys:
Roc Larue, David Moore, Tommy Burns, Lance Labeau

The Saddle Pals:
Dave Moore, Bob Butler

The Halebops:
Bee-Jay, Ricky James, Spinno

Contact information:
Phone: +46 303 336599 

Nic Nilsson
Alf's Vag 8
446 91 Alvhem

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