Rockabilly Brothers, Shotgun 
TCY Records TCY-017


Well, here we are again. A brand new CD by my favorite UK rock 'n' roll band Shotgun, and I'm gonna try to write a review about it. But there's a problem! What can I write that hasn't been written before... Check out the fine liner notes by Graham Goodwin (Q.S.E. Records, London) which can be found on Bob Burgos' website. Or read the liner notes that I wrote for Tennessee Rockin' (Raucaus Records RAUCD 148) or 100% Rockin' (Wild Bob Burgos, Raucaus Records RAUCD 161). I really think I've said it all...

Or maybe not... I'm not gonna tell you again what a great bunch of gentlemen Shotgun are, and you shouldn't take anything for granted that I write in this review, because Bob Burgos has been one of my best friends since forever, so quite possible I'm a little bit prejudiced... or a lot for that matter!

The album "Rockabilly Brothers" is a very nice overview of Shotgun material ranging from 1981 till around 2006. You will find that many songs have been previously released on other albums, but there are quite a few tracks that I hadn't heard before. And some real fine ones too!

The album starts off with the classic "Loonabilly Rock 'n' Roll". One of the great early Shotgun songs, one that just had to be included in this album, because it's one of the best UK revival rock 'n' roll songs ever recorded. And there are many more like this one to be found on this CD.

So, let's see which songs I hadn't heard before... I'm not really sure if they weren't ever released before, but I couldn't find them in my collection, which spans over 500 releases of Shotgun and Wild Bob Burgos songs!!

The songs unknown to me before today are: Nothing For Nothing / Honky Tonk Mama / Blue By You / Lonely Girl / Deadwood Stage / Rockabilly Brothers. And they are all typical Shotgun songs, the way I like 'em best, in a variety of styles ranging from uptempo country ballads to hard driving Britisch rock 'n' roll.

Let me pick one of my favorites: The Deadwood Stage. This song is quite well known from the 1953 movie with the same title, sung by Doris Day. This rendition however, is an instrumental arrangement by Rob Murly and it sounds fantastic!

Have a look at Bob' official website and you'll find several music samples from this collection on the album page. Rock on !!

Shotgun are:
Wild Bob Burgos - Vocals, Drums, Percussion
Rockin' Ray Neale - Vocals, Guitar
Rob 'Apeman' Murly - Vocals, Upright & Electric Bass
Dave 'Blind Boy' Briggs - Lead & Rhythm Guitar

Loonabilly Rock 'n' Roll / Hometown Rockin' / The Rebel Song / Doin' Things Right / High Tuned / Black 'n' Blue / Nothing For Nothing / Honky Tonk Mama / Blue By You / Lonely Girl / Santa's Got Your Letter / Quit Yer Foolin' Me / Fancy Free / We're Gonna Boogie / Rockabilly Santa / Rockabilly Queen / Son Of A Gun / Ridin' White Horses / Deadwood Stage / Rockabilly Brothers

Wild Bob Burgos Official Website:

Im Haufland 23
CH-8627 Grüningen

Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2010