Rockabilly Underground, London 1980's, William Jones
Publisher: S K Media UK 2007

Through the eyes of the author, a lifelong rockabilly and veteran of the scene, this book takes us on a journey into one of the most influential and iconic periods in music history. We will visit venues, be re-introduced to major faces and key characters of the scene and re-live some of the emotive, but always 'Rockin' times with author Billy Jones. We discover the roots of rockabilly, the arteries of the club scene, keeping rockabilly alive and pulsating in the heart of London in the 1980's.

Living within the epicenter of the London rockabilly scene, the author is able to re-create scenes with palpable intensity, from 1st hand experiences, the styles, sights, sounds and people of the time. Looking into the nitty gritty of every day life of rockabilly fans in 1980's London, we look further afield to the contrasting life of rockers abroad, as the author travels to Finland.

In the forthcoming chapters, we examine the history and roots of the scene, and travel through an inspiring period of music history and culture, proving to be more than just life, but a way of life to it's loyal following. An essential read for both rockabilly veterans revisiting the glorious past, and curious young music fans, gaining a thrilling insight into the world of rockabilly, through the mind and memories of the author.

Review by El Diablo Magazine June 2007:
Rockabilly Underground is neither a memoir, an intellectual deconstruction, nor an oral history of a scene. It's rather a book that hovers somewhere between the three and notches up the enjoyment factor by balancing itself between them all.

Taking the authors personal experiences of the scene as the skeletal basis, and muscling it out with oral recording of the movers and shakers gives an evocative overview of London in the eighties. While the interviews with Ray Campi and Mac Curtis add an outside view aspect that keeps the book from dropping to the levels of a vanity piece. It's all rounded off nicely with what could be described as mini essays on the current state of the scene and what the future could hold for it.

To sum up, Rockabilly Underground is a very welcome record of an underrated and under served genre of musical history.

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By Bruce McConnell, Glasgow 2007
Used with permission