Stomp, The Rock-A-Dees 

Some months back, I received a great new CD by one of Australia's hottest, newer rockabilly bands, The Rock-A-Dees. Needless to say, I dug it!!!! I dug it so much, in fact, that I wrote a killer review on it.

Then the internet took it. While I'm sure that students everywhere use this excuse now, instead of 'the dog ate my homework', it really happened. Honest Injun! I sent the review to our faithful publisher Black Cat, and his server thought it was spam or something, and put it wherever the internet puts such things. Spam purgatory, if you will. I, of course, saved a copy to my external hard drive... along with about 500 gigabytes of other stuff... and now I can't find it. Dammit!

So, this meant snatching the CD back from my girlfriend (who only steals my best discs) and rewriting the review. So, away we go! Like I said, The Rock-A-Dees hail from Australia and are a 3-piece rockabilly band, very much in the vein of The Stray Cats. The Cats influence is all over this disc... and that is meant, 100%, as a compliment! These 'cats' have chops that will get the attention of their fellow musos, and lay down a boogetty beat that, I'm certain, keeps the dance floor filled wherever they go. Their drummer, Shaun "Havoc" Lees, and I have a bit of history, so I can guarantee you that he's gonna lay down a beat that will move your feet! Upright bass player Brendan "Burko" Burking slaps his bass like a wife, not a girlfriend, and he swings it like a hangman's noose in high winds! With a rhythm section this good, you'd better have a front man who can keep up... and trust, they do! Dizzy Davidson handles the lead vocals and guitar duties with equal flare!

So what about the songs? Well, in good Aussie fashion, these boys are giving the listener "good value"... or as we say here in the States, "more bang for your buck!". 21 tracks! Yeah... you read that right! 21! TWENTY ONE. Not TWELVE. Most bands are lucky to have that much recorded output for their "Best of... " collection, but these guys are giving you both barrels from the get go!

Starting with their own "Rock-A-Dee Stomp", the mood is set. It's high energy rockabilly/rock & roll, and they got something to prove! The dive into a handful of classic rockers ("Baby Blue Eyes", "Something Else", and more) before jumping back into their own songbook with "Black Cat Woman", which has a definite "Stray Cat Strut" feel to it... but this is their own thang!

Back into the Great Rockabilly Collection with "Flying Saucer" and "Lonesome Tears In My Eyes". Let me tell ya... these boys do BOTH songs justice! I've had the pleasure to perform with Billy Lee Riley and Paul Burlison both, and I do believe they'd approve of these versions! From there, the boys jump into high gear with their own "High Heeled Creepers" and you better believe this song will more than get your toes-a-tappin'! You'll be all over the hardwood floor with this one!

If the disc ended right here... you'd have your money's worth. You'd start it back at the beginning and play it all over again. But... it DOESN'T end here! There's a WHOLE LOT MORE SHAKIN' GOIN' ON with this disc! The rest of the disc is split between classics and original material, and both sets will keep you moving! You just might want to invite your friends over, move the furniture out of the way, slap this disc in the player, turn it up loud, and have yourselves a party, because that's what this disc begs for! This ain't no easy listening music! This ain't no "My cow died in the field and mama's in prison on Christmas Day" kinda hillbilly. This ain't some kinda "Let's pretend it's still 1957, even though we weren't born yet... " kinda poser-billy. No Sirree Bob! This is hot rockin' rockabilly and rock & roll... and I'm pretty darned sure that YOU are gonna love it! So what are you waiting for? Go check it out! You might want to order a spare copy because you're bound to wear the first one out! -- Memphis Mike --

Track Listing:
Rockadee Stomp / Baby Blue Eyes / Something Else / Framed / Black Cat Woman / Flying Saucer R&R / Lonesome Tears In My Eyes / High Heel Creepers / I'm On Fire / I Don't Like You No More / Train Kept A Rolling / Memphis Town / Jeannie Jeannie Jeannie / Your True Love / Won't Take Me Alive / C'mon Everybody / Gonna See My Baby Tonight / Memphis,TN / Please Don't Touch / Luck of the Devil / Real Wild Child

The Rock-A-Dees are:
Dizzy Davidson - Lead vocals, Guitar
Shaun "Havoc" Lees - Drums, Vocals
Brendan "Burko" Burking - Upright Bass, Vocals

Contact information:

Reviewed by Memphis Mike, 2014