Road Signs & Middle Lines (El Toro Records, 2002)
Lynette Morgan & The Blackwater Valley Boys

Lynette and the boys have been travelling their music for a few years now to audiences all over the world. Previously as members of the famous Tennessee Rhythm Riders, Lynette, Phil and Willy gained the utmost respect for their enthusiastic and authentic portrayal of the music they so dearly love. Two years after the 'Riders, with the addition of Jim, on fiddle and Al Saxby on dog house bass, Lynette Morgan & The Blackwater Valley Boys have become an even more raw and authentic outfit playing their blend of hillbilly, western swing, rockabilly and ol' time country with even more enthusiasm.

Willy and Lynette have become an almost inseperable music partnership. Their song writing has developed to well and truly capture their thoughts, feelings and humours. Their harmonies are their own but they still capture the skill of their hero's, The Delmore Brothers, The Louvin Brothers and The Maddox Brothers & Rose, to name just a few. And what about the way they play? Lynette's rhythm playing and Willy's lead guitar and mandolin licks make you just wanna move, while their charisma is infectious. You watch them, you listen to them and you laugh with them, you just don't dare take your eyes off them.

Al and Jim just keep it together, just as it should be. Both fiddles have to be played right. Not too much, not too little, just right. Jim's jumpy little feels get the hairs on the back of your kneck swingin' in time while Al's Bass gets your heart beatin' the right beat. Phil, well he's the steel guitarist and a damn good one too. With his own style picked out from many great players like Noel Boggs, Jerry Byrd and Bud Duncan, he plays it old with feelin'. And, to keep it cool, all seven feet one of pure muscle and fun (his words, not mine) sings too.

Lynette and her boys certainly know how to do it - no drums, no keyboards, no added power, just played the way they want it, the right way! And what about The Blackwater Valley? Easy answer really. Deep in the heart of Southern England, on the Hampshire and Surrey border is some of the most beautiful country this world has to offer. Lynette & The 'Boys live there. An inspirational home full of any type of music played by al types of people. From bluegrass to jazz and hillbilly to punk, it's all going on. They are proud of where they come from. They live there, they leave their, they come back; Road Signs and Middle Lines, here we go again!

The line-up:
Lynette Morgan - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Willy Briggs - Lead Guitar
Phil Morgan - Steel Guitar
Al Saxby - Bass Fiddle
Jim Morrison - Sweet Fiddle
Randy Richter - Piano

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