The Cool and the Crazy, Rip Masters 
Rattler Records CD488

Press release:
Rattler Records is proud to announce the release of a new CD by Rip Masters titled "The Cool and the Crazy". It's Rock'n'Roll in the classic sense, with rockin tracks like the title cut and "Get Right Up", as well as medium tempo songs and ballads such as "Triangle" and "The Girl of My Best Friend". Some great musicians back Rip up, including Eddie Cochran's sax man Mike Henderson, and noted guitarists Deke Dickerson and Tony Gilkyson.

The CD contains 15 tracks which have never been available before in digital format, and many of them have never been released to the public in any form. They cover a time span of 25 years, starting right after Rip Masters' recordings for Rollin' Rock. This CD includes the best tracks from the well-received LP "The Cool and the Crazy" as well as "I've Had It" and "I'm Gonna Flip" from a 45rpm single recorded for Commando Records. Rare gems also include two songs recorded in Singapore 1984 during Rip's tour. There are more covers of classic songs than in recent Rip Masters CD's, but they are nicely done and songs which you don't hear every day, such as Dale Hawkins "La-Do-Dada".

The catchy title track is a favorite at Rip's live shows, and after hearing it, the next time someone says "That's Cool!" you may just find yourself replying "That's Crazy!!"

Rip in his own words:
After I had recorded "Rock That Rock", my first LP for Rollin' Rock Records, I was approached to record an album for Commando Records. The resulting album "The Cool and the Crazy" featured me singing lead on most songs, as well as playing piano and some guitar. The choice of songs was eclectic, featuring a mix of songs that either the producer or I liked, or songs we both liked. We recorded enough songs for the LP, and later went back to Casbah Studios in Fullerton, California to record some more tracks for a 45 rpm single. The album was well-received and was able to catch the wide-open music scene on radio at the time, being played on major outlets like KLAC and KROQ. Unfortunately, the producer, Bonneville Hood, decided to get away from record sales at the time, so I ended up with the master recordings, as well as a subsequent series of tracks for a follow-up album featuring much more original material. The songs on this CD are a mix of tracks from "The Coo! and the Crazy" album, the 45 single and additional tracks from various sessions which have never been released in any form. Two songs were recorded during a trip to Singapore when I pioneered Rockabilly music there during a two-month engagement in 1984. I hope you enjoy these songs, they are a slice of history literally from out of the vaults.

I have always been a fan of Rip Masters and I'm very glad all these gems that were still in the vaults are finally released on a well produced CD. Yes, it does contain more covers than other Rip Masters albums, but still 5 out of 15 are selfpenned by the master, who, besides being a fabulous vocalist, plays a mean piano and a hot guitar. Indeed the opener "The Cool & The Crazy" is very catchy, it sounds like a rock 'n' roll classic you've been playing for years; an instant sing-along. Rip's singing capabilities can be heard best on the Ral Donner cover "I Didn't Figure On Him", a fantastic redition that gave me the goose bumps first time I played it. This album is a great collection of songs in various tempos and rhythms, but the sum of it all is Rock 'n' Roll in the first degree!


The Cool & The Crazy / I've Had It / I'm Gonna Flip! / I Didn't Figure On Him / Get Right Up / Over The Line / Please Give Me Something / Grin And Bear It / La-Do-Dada / Triangle / Burning Love / Voodoo-Voodoo / Sweets For My Sweet / The Girl Of My Best Friend / Hey Hey Little Girl

Impressive list of musicians:
Rip Masters - Piano, Guitar, Vocals
Scott Holmstrom - Guitar
Paul Eckman - Bass
Debi Pomeroy - Drums
Mike Henderson - Saxophone
Bonneville Hood - Slide Guitar, Vocals
Mark Shark - Guitar, Vocals
Bermuda Schwartz - Drums
Jimmy Lee Harris - Bass, Vocals
Greg Loeb - Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Scott Shepherd - Drums
Paul Leigh - Bass
Deke Dickerson - Guitar
John Whiteleather - Bass
Steve Werner - Guitar, Vocals
Tony Gilkyson - Guitar

Contact information:
Rattler Records
P.O. Box 9073
Torrance, California
90508, USA
Tel: +1-310-782-9323 

Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2007