Right Behind You Baby, The Accelerators
Raucous Records, RAUCD 059

The first thing one notices when you put this platter in the CD-player is that it is recorded in superb wide stereo, which gives these old tunes a beautiful new dimension. Also, Dave Burnette's clear sounding, snearing lead guitar is recorded just a little bit louder than the rest, which makes it kinda pop out of the songs. This sound somehow reminds me of the old great Blue Cap sound of the haydays of rockabilly, when Cliff Gallop was picking lead for Gene Vincent. This influence comes back in the (rather short) liner notes, where the band gives a special 'thank you' to Eugene Craddock. All insiders know, of course, that Eugene Craddock is no-one less than Gene Vincent. All this and more put together gives this CD that special Accelerated sound.

There are a lot of covers on this album, but that doesn't make it less interesting, because each song gets that Accelerated new dimension. Tennessee Ernie Ford's "Blackberry Boogie" sounds very refreshing in wide stereo and is followed by Buddy Holly's "Baby Won't You Come Out Tonight" with some real cool guitar licks. Vince Taylor's "Brand New Cadillac" has always been one of my favorites and although I feel that the original can never be topped, this version sounds real great. Again, it's Dave "Jnr" Burnette's lead guitar that makes all the difference. Don & Dewey's "Justine" sounds great too and Buddy Holly's "Ollie Vee" is of course one the greatest songs ever written. Ray Smith's "Right Behind You Baby", the title song of the CD, is the last track and probably with a reason. If you gotta leave, leave with a blast! Too bad that the CD cover gives as little information as possible, no info about the band (except for the line-up) and no credits. Also, the tracklisting is very difficult to read.

The Accelerators are:
Dave 'Jnr' Burnette
- Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Steve 'Sonny Boy' Smith - Lead Vocals, Acoustic Rhythm Guitar
Big Al McCubbin - Upright Bass, Backing Vocals
Frank Kosiba - Drums

Blackberry Boogie / Baby Won't You Come Out Tonight / Brand New Cadillac / Saturday Night / Starlite / I Gotta Hunch / Justine / Home Cooking / Rock Around With Ollie Vee / Don't Shoot Me Baby / Tag Along / Nadine / Can't Stand Your Talking / Millie / Right Behind You Baby

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New CD "Pedal To The Metal" released December 2001